Tears of the Kingdom: Sinakawak Shrine [Walkthrough]

Solve the Sinakawak Shrine Tears Of The Kingdom puzzle and get a very important reward which is the Light Of Blessing!

The Sinakawak Shrine, also known as “An Uplifting Device,” is located west of Central Hyrule, serving as a warp point near the New Serenne Stable. In the shrine, players must solve several puzzles involving balloons, a heat source (candles), and the Ultrahand tool to manipulate objects and create floating platforms. In this Sinakawak Shrine Tears of the Kingdom guide, I will help you solve this puzzle as efficiently as possible.

Key Takeaways

The Sinakawak shrine, located in Central Hyrule, serves as a warp point near New Serenne Stable.

  • Challenges include building a floating platform, using a balloon to activate a switch, and creating a platform for a metal ball to land in a hole.
  • Completing the shrine rewards players with a “Light of Blessing” to boost Link’s power and a special Shrine Treasure.
  • Accumulating four Lights of Blessing allows upgrading heart containers or the stamina wheel at any goddess statue.
  • The Shrine Treasure may contain unique items like an “Uplifting” bow, enhancing arrow drop-off for improved distant targeting.

What Is Sinakawak Shrine In Tears of the Kingdom?

The Sinakawak Shrine, known as “An Uplifting Device,” is one of the various shrines scattered throughout Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The primary objective of this Shrine is to navigate through the various stages and ultimately reach the end. However, along the way, there are Sinakawak Shrine Tears of the Kingdom chests hidden that players can find and open to obtaining valuable rewards. The Shrine’s puzzle mechanics revolve around the use of balloons and flames.

  • The balloons have an ascending property when exposed to a heat source beneath them.
  • Players can make use of the Ultra Hand, an item that allows them to interact with objects from a distance to attach balloons to different objects and structures.
  • By strategically attaching balloons to light sources and using the Ultra Hand’s recall ability, players can create a pathway to access higher platforms and continue their progression.
  • It’s important to explore each platform thoroughly, as chests may be hidden in unexpected locations.

Location Of The Shrine

Location sinakawak shrine tears of the kingdom
Sinakawak Shrine Location

The shrine is in the Central Hyrule region, northeast of Hyrule Ridge and southeast of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, and serves as a warp point near the New Serenne Stable. The precise navigation coordinates are (-1413, 0757, 0089).

Sinakawak Puzzle Solution

Ballon sinakawak shrine tears of the kingdom
Put a board and a balloon, and attach them.

Sinakawak Shrine Tears of the Kingdom puzzle difficulty is pretty average. You just have to follow the below steps, and it’s done. Also, I have the following pro tips for you!

Solution 1 Making a Floating Platform: To solve the first problem, you must mix balloons, wood, and candles to build a floating platform and rise to the top of the chamber. Take caution not to light the candle on the wood! Attach a little rectangular piece of wood to the center of a bigger square-shaped piece of wood using Ultrahand. This wood may be obtained from the nearby ramps.

  1. Connect two balloons to either side of the rectangular piece of wood in the center of your craft using Ultrahand. If it isn’t already, move it closer to the wall. Finally, attach two candles to the square piece of wood near the balloons.
  2. When you move the candle close to the balloon, it will begin to float. Therefore, I suggest standing on your creation to connect the second candle.

Puzzle Solution 2

 Gate Activation Bring a balloon to the gate with the Ultrahand. Attach a candle to the balloon so it floats and activates the switch above, allowing the gate to open.

Puzzle Solution 3

The Small Metal Ball is the third answer to the puzzle. Descend to the lowest floor and attach the little metal ball in the center of the piece of wood with Ultrahand, then secure four candles to each edge of the piece of wood. Attach a balloon to the edge of the wood and watch it drift away.

    • Ascend to the floor above using the ladder in the rear of the room.
    • Remove the little metal ball from your construction and place it in the ground’s small hole.
    • Finally, the door next to you will open, allowing you to study the green circle at the end and receive your Blessing Light.

Once you’ve completed these puzzles, you’ll have successfully navigated the Sinakawak Shrine. Best wishes as you continue your adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

Treasure And Rewards

Light of Blessing sinakawak shrine tears of the kingdom Light of Blessing
Light of Blessing is the reward!

When you complete the Sinakawak Shrine, in addition to the “Light of Blessing,” you should be rewarded with a Shrine Treasure. This contains a unique reward for completing the specific shrine.

  1. Light of Blessing: This is a collectible item that increases Link’s power when collected. Collecting four Lights of Blessing will allow you to upgrade either your heart containers or your stamina wheel at any goddess statue.
  2. Shrine Treasure: Within the Sinakawak Shrine, there is a special treasure chest that contains a unique item, often a piece of gear or a weapon.
  3. The exact reward can vary, but based on the theme of the shrine, it might be something like a unique “Uplifting” bow that has a special property of increasing arrow drop-off. This can make aiming at distant targets much easier and is a valuable asset in many combat scenarios.

This is it from my side. I hope you learned how to solve this confusing puzzle from this Sinakawak Shrine Tears of the Kingdom. Check out our take on Tears of the Kingdom: Great Sky Island Shrines and All 152 Shrine Locations In Tears of the Kingdom.


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