Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Item Duplication [Glitch]

Don't want to farm for items? Check out this item duplication Tears of the Kingdom guide to duplicate any item quickly.

A bug occurs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom about Item Duplication. This glitch lets you duplicate items, weapons, shields, and materials. In short, you won’t have to spend your time farming for the materials as you can duplicate them. However, it could be possible for Nintendo to fix this bug in the latest patch, so make sure to take benefit of it as much as possible till then. So, let’s see more about Item Duplication Tears of the Kingdom. 

Key Takeaways

Item duplication is an ongoing glitch in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which lets you double any item, weapon, or shield.

  • There are two methods to duplicate the items.
  • The first one is to duplicate most of the materials the other one is to duplicate weapons and shields.
  • If item duplication is not working for you, you need to master instantly pressing the plus button, as I also had some trouble with it.

What Is Item Duplication?

Item Duplication is not an official ability you can acquire. This glitch has been found in the game, which lets you double almost every item, weapon, shield, and material in Tears of the Kingdom.

If you want more rupees or more materials of any type, you can use this glitch any time you want. However, there is no assurance that Nintendo won’t punish you for using this trick, so make sure not to use it consistently. Just use it when you really want to; otherwise, do some farming.

The process is not complicated, as it requires just a few clicks and takes only a couple of seconds. This way, you can duplicate hundreds of copies within an hour, which would mean an unlimited supply.

How To Duplicate Items In Tears of the Kingdom

Equipping Bow

First, remember that you need four things in order for the glitch to work. You will need two bows, a single arrow, and an item you can infuse with the bow. The material you are going to fuse to the arrow is the one that is going to be duplicated. When you have all the items, then just follow these steps:

  1.  Tap the ZR button to pull out the bow. 
  2. Don’t try to aim, as you just need to fuse the material you want to duplicate to the arrow.
  3. Press up on the D-pad to fuse the material.
  4. Press the plus button to pause, and then move to the Bows and Arrows tab to drop your bow.
  5. Now, equip the different bow and press the plus button twice as soon as possible to close and then instantly re-open the tab.
  6. Drop the currently equipped bow, too, and exit the menu.
  7. You will see both bows with infused materials on the ground, so pick them.
Item To Duplicate

When done correctly, you will gain an extra copy of the item that you wanted to duplicate. If the glitch didn’t work, then you might not have pressed the plus button twice instantly. So, to make it works instantly, press the plus button; otherwise, the glitch won’t work. If the glitch still doesn’t work that then go to a place where the ground is plain, as sometimes the glitch doesn’t work in areas that are not plain. 

Duplicated Successfully

How To Duplicate Weapons And Shields In Tears of the Kingdom

Duplicating Shield

Item duplication Tears of Kingdom is applicable on Weapons and shield too . The process is similar to the previous one, but there are some differences, so follow the steps below:

  1. Open the pause menu by pressing the plus button.
  2. Equip the desired weapon, shield, or bow you want to duplicate.
  3. Now, simply create a manual save by opening the system menu.
  4. After that, drop the item you want to duplicate.
  5. Now, equip the same type of weapon you want to duplicate. For instance, if you are duplicating a melee weapon, just select another melee weapon.
  6. Hit the plus button instantly and drop the equipped weapon.
  7. Now simply go to the system menu and reload the manual save you did.
  8. You will find a duplicate weapon on the ground, so pick it up.
Item Duplication Successful

As said before, you need to master the instant closing and then reopening the pause menu, as it is the main thing in the whole process. First, practice a bit, then duplicate your desired items.

How To Get The Infinite Rupees?

You can also duplicate rupees, but how? You can’t directly duplicate it, but you can duplicate rare items and sell them to get the money. So, repeat the steps explained in the guide and duplicate rare materials like diamonds. You can duplicate other rare materials, too, as long as they can be sold for a good price, and boom, you have infinite money in Tears of the Kingdom.

You can also duplicate useful materials such as Zonaite, which helps in upgrading the energy cells, and beast materials, which helps in upgrading the armor. You can even duplicate the Zonai devices.


That is almost everything you would want to know about Item Duplication Tears of the Kingdom. Now, go on and duplicate your desired items without spending so much time farming them. While you are at it, check out the guide on how to get Bubble Gem. If you are not good at puzzles, check out the guide on the Right Leg Depot puzzle. Also, check the location of the Soldier Armor Set, as it is one of the best early armor in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Do not forget to check the complete guide on all bargainer statue locations. While you are at it, check out how to do the broken slate. Lastly, check out the guide on infiltrating the Yiga Clan hideout to get the complete set of Yiga Outfit.

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