Tears of The Kingdom: Where To Find Diamonds [5 Methods]

Discover the various ways to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom by farming Dondons, Talus, Ores, and much more!

Perhaps one of the most valuable resources in Tears of the Kingdom is Diamonds. They can be hard to come by but offer so many practical uses that you’ll eventually want to venture out and get your hands on as many as possible. However, it can be tricky to figure out where to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom without knowing where to look. 

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the best methods for finding diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom:

    1. Shrines: Several shrines in Tears of the Kingdom reward diamonds as part of Rauru’s Blessing.
    2. Ores: Diamonds can occasionally be found in the ore deposits scattered around Hyrule.
    3. Talus: Defeating the large golem-like bosses known as Talus can yield diamonds as rewards, although the drop rate is unpredictable.
    4. Dondons: These buffalo-like creatures can produce diamonds if fed Luminous Stones.
    5. Purchase: Diamonds can be bought from a merchant in Goron City after completing the “Yunobo of Goron City” quest, with each diamond costing 1,000 rupees.

Once you find diamonds in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you can use them in the following ways:

    1. Selling to Remala
    2. Using as a Fusion Material
    3. Upgrading Armor
    4. Creating Diamond Arrows
    5. Using it in the Glory of the Zora side quest

1. Completing Shrines To Get Diamonds In Tears of the Kingdom

how to find diamonds in tears of the kingdom
Completing Shrines for Diamonds [screenshot by us]

Diamonds, one of the most sought-after rewards, can be obtained from various shrines scattered across the landscape. Here are the specific locations for where to find diamonds in Tears of the Kindom using shrines.

  • Diamonds can be obtained as a Rauru’s Blessing reward within several shrines
  • One example is the Ganos Shrine, situated in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago,
  • Another is the Jochi-ihiga Shrine, found in the Akkala Highlands.
  • Jinodok Shrine in South Hyrule Sky Archipelago.
  • Mayaotaki Shrine in both the Hebra Mountains and North Lomei Labyrinth.
  • Momosik Shrine in Eldin Canyon.
  • Sihajog Shrine in Lanayru Great Spring Sky.
  • Yomizuk Shrine in Lanayru Great Spring.
  • Maoikes Shrine near Zora River 
  • Boné Pond also possesses diamond-rewarding chests.

2. Diamonds From Mining Ores

Mining Ores [image by us]

While exploring the vast world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, another efficient method for finding diamonds lies hidden within the ore deposits scattered around Hyrule. Here’s how you can capitalize on them.

  • Often found in the caves with many locations in the Hyrule landscape, ore deposits can sporadically yield diamonds. 
  • These deposits also carry other valuable gems, turning them into a significant source of rupees
  • Diamonds, although not frequently found, can drop from these deposits. 
  • The most abundant of these deposits are located in the Goron caves along Death Mountain.
  • The path from the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing to Hyrule Castle is rich with bomb flowers and gems, making it a worthwhile route to explore.
  • Look out for mineral deposits with yellowish bumps and sparkles; these deposits often drop high-value gems, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and topaz. 
  • These are known as rare ore deposits, distinguishable by their golden sparkle. 
  • To further assist you in locating these deposits, you can use the Sensor + feature on your Purah Pad, which can track the location of a rare ore deposit if you have a picture of it in your Hyrule Compendium.

Understanding The Loot Pool

Bear in mind that smashing a rare ore deposit does not guarantee a diamond. 

  • Other gems like sapphires and opals also share the loot pool. 
  • A handy trick is to save your game before smashing a rare ore deposit. 
  • If the desired diamond doesn’t drop, reloading the saved game allows for another chance, though it may require several attempts.

Not all ore deposits are created equal. They come in four distinct types – Regular, Rare, Zonaite, and Luminous, each identifiable by their unique structure and texture. Diamonds can only be found in ore deposits with a yellowish or whiteish sparkle. 

  • These differ from the standard blue ones and drop more valuable stones. 
  • The best areas to find the ores include Death Mountain, Eldin Mountain, the Hebra Mountain range, the Gerudo Highlands, and the caves and passages of Hyrule.
  • The intriguing part is that these ore deposits respawn after a certain time, allowing you to revisit and harvest more precious gems.

Upgrade Your Purah Pad For Ease

Finally, it is worth mentioning the questlineCamera Work in the Depths.” 

  • Completing it allows you to unlock the Hyrule Compendium, a valuable tool for your Purah Pad. 
  • Once you have a picture of a Rare Ore Deposit or purchase the Treasures category from Robbie, set the Rare Ore Deposit for the sensor. 
  • This way, the sensor will alert you when you’re near a deposit, making them easier to locate.

3. Get Diamonds After Defeating Talus

Fighting Talus [image by us]

Felling the formidable Talus, massive golem-like bosses dispersed around the mystical world of Hyrule offers a shot at finding precious diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

  • These colossal beings, regardless of whether they’re ablaze or just the run-of-the-mill kind, can drop diamonds after being vanquished, even though the drop rate isn’t exactly predictable. 
  • Should you be in the market for diamonds, it would be wise to engage any Talus that crosses your path.

Farming Strategy

Talus, colossal adversaries that inhabit both surface and depth of Hyrule, come in various elemental variations. 

  • Yet, all of them harbor a slight possibility of rewarding you with diamonds upon defeat. 
  • Their loot pool, however, also comprises common gems
  • Therefore, to bolster your chances of obtaining a diamond, saving your game before attempting to conquer a Talus would be prudent. 
  • If the desired diamond does not surface, simply reload the saved game and try your luck again. 

However, defeating a Talus over and over requires you to be smart in how you approach them.

  • A useful strategy to topple a Talus involves using Ascend under one and then striking the ore vein on its back.
  • Another effective strategy involves attacking from a higher ground, focusing your fire on the dark mineral deposit on top of your adversary.

Keeping Track Of The Different Types

In Hyrule, there’s an array of Talus. To keep track of each type, it’s advisable to photograph them prior to their defeat. 

  • Once you’ve unlocked the Sensor + on your Purah Pad, these images can be used to track the corresponding Talus type using the Royal Compendium. 
  • For instance, capturing the image of a Stone Talus near the edge of the Piper Ridge cliff to the west of Tabantha Bridge Stable in the Tabantha Frontier will assist in locating such a type in the future.

Stronger Talus offers a higher chance of dropping diamonds and other precious stones. 

  • There’s an array of such powerful Talus in the depths, while the elemental variations like the Ignus Talus in Eldin Canyon also present an enticing battle. 
  • You could obtain diamonds while fighting them, plus a bounty of gems awaits you upon their defeat. 
  • Whether Hyrule Field or Eldin Canyon, you can encounter various Talus types throughout your adventures

Each Talus type, be it Stone or others, yields unique rewards upon defeat. 

  • These stone behemoths, upon being felled by striking the Ore Deposit on their body, drop a variety of ores, occasionally including a diamond. 
  • The rarer the Talus, the better are the odds of securing a diamond. 
  • With each Blood Moon that causes them to respawn, make a note of their location and regularly engage them in battle. 
  • This proves to be an efficient method to amass a substantial amount of diamonds.


Here is a list of known locations of Rare Stone Talus:

  • The Drenan Highlands 
  • Tanagar Canyon 
  • Taafei Hill Cave 
  • Gerudo Canyon 
  • Horse God Bridge 
  • Guchini Plain

4. Farming Diamonds From Dondons In Tears of the Kingdom

dondons for finding diamonds in tears of the kingdom
where to find diamonds in tears of kingdom: Feeding Dondons for Diamonds [screenshot by eXputer]

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll encounter a variety of intriguing creatures, among them the rare and endearing Dondons. These animals, with their distinctive glowing horns, resemble buffalo, and they’re known to turn ordinary Luminous Stones into more precious ores. Interestingly, these magnificent creatures can even produce diamonds, although it happens infrequently.


If you’re wondering where to find Dondons in order to get Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom, then; Dondons are situated in Bronas Forest, situated directly north of Lakeside Stable on the outskirts of the East Necluda region

  • The Dondons are cared for in a sanctuary set up by Zelda, a peaceful refuge you can locate at the coordinates 1539, -3352, 0058
  • Near the sanctuary, you’ll spot a young woman named Cima who tends to the Dondons.

Acquiring Rare Ores From Dondons

Getting Dondons to provide you with rare ores is surprisingly straightforward. 

  1. The first step is to collect Luminous Stones. 
    • You’ll find an abundance of these glowing stones in the Royal Hidden Passage, a location known for its Stalnox enemy, who lurks beneath the rocks. 
    • Just remember not to disturb the rocks in the center to avoid awakening the Stalnox.
  2. Once you’ve obtained these Luminous Stones, you’ll need to head over to the Dondon sanctuary. 
  3. Drop a Luminous Stone in front of each of the five Dondons present and observe as they enjoy their luminous meal. 
  4. But remember, dondons are a little shy when it comes to producing ores, so you’ll need to vacate the area for a bit.
  5. After about 10 to 20 minutes, return to the sanctuary to collect your newly minted ores. 
  6. You’ll find these lying around where the Dondons were fed. 
  7. You may collect a variety of ores, including diamonds, opals, sapphires, flint, and more. 

While a diamond drop isn’t guaranteed, with patience and a little bit of luck, you’ll soon amass a collection of precious stones. You’re free to repeat the process as often as you wish.

  • Feeding Dondons is an excellent passive method to hunt for diamonds while you simultaneously engage in other activities within Tears of the Kingdom. 
  • Keep in mind, though, that the transformation of Luminous Stones into valuable ores takes a considerable amount of time. Hence, you should periodically check back on your Dondon friends.

5. Buying Diamonds From Merchants

how to find and buy diamonds in tears of the kingdom
Buying Diamonds from a vendor [image by eXputer]

Another method for where to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom is through purchase, though there might be more economical choices considering their high cost. However, if you are in dire need of diamonds, either for your collection or for Fusion, there is an option available in Goron City.

  • Goron City, nestled in the heart of Death Mountain, is home to a merchant who has diamonds for sale. 
  • You can find the merchant comfortably seated across from the armor shop, identifiable with the map coordinates (1643, 2444, 0381)
  • The merchant only opens his business after you’ve resolved the “Yunobo of Goron City” quest, which involves a marbled roast rock crisis. 
  • Successfully completing the quest will grant you access to his diamond stock.

The price for these diamonds, however, is quite steep. Each diamond will cost you 1,000 rupees, making this a somewhat costly method for acquiring precious gems. Nevertheless, for players who possess ample rupees or those who need a quick diamond to trigger a duplication glitch, the merchant can prove to be a convenient option.

What To Do With Diamonds In Tears of The Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, after finding them, diamonds possess a variety of applications that can significantly enhance your experience. These precious stones are not just a fancy adornment; they hold practical value and can be strategically used to augment your gameplay.

Selling To Ramella

Selling Diamonds/Ores to Remala [captured by us]

Selling diamonds can be a lucrative way to amass Rupees. While it’s possible to sell your diamonds to a variety of vendors, including general shop owners and characters like Beedle, the person who offers the most value for your precious stones is a Gerudo woman named Ramella.

  • Found wandering in Goron City, Ramella is known for her generous offers for diamonds and other gems. 
  • Spotting her might be a challenge given her roaming nature, but she is quite noticeable among the Gorons. 
  • For an aerial advantage, you can glide from the Marakuguc Shrine to locate her easily.

You can initiate transactions with Ramella by interacting with two Gorons located on the path leading up to Goron City. 

  • These characters try to hoodwink you in a gem scam, but Ramella intervenes, leading to the “Amber Dealer” quest, in which she requests 10 pieces of amber for 200 Rupees and subsequently the ability to sell gems at higher prices to her.
  • Once this trade is complete, it unlocks the opportunity to sell stacks of 10 precious gems to her. 
  • But, be aware her interest in buying varies. 
  • She might want topazes, rubies, sapphires, or diamonds, and her offerings are much higher than what average shopkeepers provide, with a stack of 10 diamonds fetching 5,500 Rupees.

An important aspect to consider is Ramella’s refresh cycle. 

  • After each purchase, she changes her desired gem, but her demands can be repetitive, asking for the same gem multiple times in succession. 
  • Many players have attempted various techniques, including saving and reloading, resting at the inn, and teleporting away, but none seem to reliably alter her requests. 
  • It might be dependent on the in-game time, so the exact method remains elusive.

In terms of timing and location, your best bet to find Ramella is during the daytime, typically around the shops at the center of Goron City. 

Using For Fusion 

Diamonds also hold remarkable potential for weapon enhancement as fuse material

  • Fusing a diamond with a weapon transforms it into a powerful blade, providing a substantial boost of +25 attack damage
  • While it doesn’t add any elemental power to your weapon, this significant increase in damage can be quite helpful during intense battles. 
  • You can learn how to fuse weapons using our guide.
  • Bear in mind, though, if you realize a diamond-boosted weapon isn’t to your liking, you can visit the small Goron in Tarrey Town to un-fuse your weapon and reclaim your diamond.

Upgrading Armor

The utility of diamonds doesn’t stop there. These gems can also be used in upgrading certain armor pieces, such as the Miner’s Set and the Diamond Circlet. To perform these upgrades, you will need to pay a visit to one of the Great Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule.

Diamond Arrows

A rather unconventional yet possible use of diamonds is to attach them to your arrows. Doing so enhances the arrows with an additional 25 attack power. However, this method might not be the most efficient use of your diamonds since it doesn’t add any extra perks.

Glory Of The Zora Side Quest

Furthermore, diamonds also play a significant role in the “Glory of the Zora” Side Quest. In this mission, you’ll need to gather a Zora Spear, five pieces of flint, and three diamonds, then bring these materials to Dento in Zora’s Domain. As a reward, you’ll receive a Lightscale Trident, a replica of the weapon owned by the Zora Champion Mipha.

With that, you know all about where to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom! There are multiple methods that you can use, and you can switch between them if one gets too boring for you. Additionally, Diamonds have quite a lot of use, so getting as many as possible is vital. 

There is so much more to discover in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You can explore the Soryotanog Shrine and also the Goddess Statue of Courage. Discover the best Flux Construct Core and also the Wind Temple through our guides!

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