Tears of the Kingdom 4th Shrine [Nachoyah Shrine Walkthrough]

4th Shrine Tears of the Kingdom guide breaks down how to get Light of Blessing, use recall ability & enter 4th Shrine or Nachoyah Shrine.

The 4th shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, known as Nachoyah Shrine, stands as a testament to challenge and reward. Engaging in its unique puzzles and harnessing new abilities not only enriches Link’s gear & stats but also strengthens his health, defense, and resistance. Nachoyah Shrine offers key upgrades, making it an unmissable destination on your quest through the Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways
  • Nachoyah Shrine is the 4th shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, located on Great Sky Island above the Room of Awakening.
  • To reach it, use Recall to reverse cogwheel rotation and navigate platforms.
  • Inside, the Rewind ability helps cross the lake and sync spinning dials to open gates.
  • Obtain Rewind ability, health, defense, and resistance upgrades in the shrine.
  • Get the powerful Light of Blessing upgrade at a statue in Nachoyah Shrine.
  • After completing the shrine, return to the Temple of Time, and use Ultrahand and Recall to manipulate gears.
  • Finishing Nachoyah Shrine allows access to the Temple’s back, where you get the fourth Heart Container from a Goddess Statue.
  • It also lets you open large doors in the Temple, signifying significant progress in Tears of the Kingdom.

What Is Nachoyah Shrine In Tears of the Kingdom?

How to find Nachoyah Shrine or 4th Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom [All Images Credits: Prima Games]
The Nachoyah Shrine, or 4th Shrine, is a pivotal location in Tears of the Kingdom. Situated on the Great Sky Island, the shrine is a challenging but rewarding area filled with intriguing puzzles and obstacles designed to test the player’s mastery of the Recall ability.

  • This power allows players to manipulate time for specific objects, opening new paths and solutions in the game’s environment.
  • The Nachoyah Shrine is visually distinctive, featuring large cogwheels, waterfalls, and spinning dials that underscore its thematic focus on time and motion.
  • Completing this shrine not only advances the storyline but also strengthens the player’s character with valuable upgrades and rewards, including the radiant Light of Blessing, leading to more thrilling adventures in the kingdom.

Locating The 4th Shrine

Room of Awakening Location

Start your journey by utilizing the game’s handy, fast travel system to teleport to the Room of Awakening instantly. This room serves as the central hub of the Great Sky Island and the starting point to our Shrine destination.

  1. Once in the Room of Awakening, it’s time to journey south through the expansive environment of the Great Sky Island, taking in the breathtaking views while making your way toward the Nachoyah Shrine.
  2. Your first challenge involves manipulating large cogwheels found within the island’s topography.
  3. Utilize your recently acquired Rewind ability to reverse the rotation of these cogwheels, altering their path and creating a route for you to traverse.
  4. As you reverse the cogwheels, they act as moving platforms, leading you toward the shrine.
Rewinding Wheels to solve puzzle solution of 4th Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Precision and timing are essential here, with each successful leap getting you one step closer to the Nachoyah Shrine. On arrival, you’ll be greeted by the grand facade of the Nachoyah Shrine, signifying the beginning of a new chapter in your Tears of the Kingdom.

4th Shrine or Nachoyah Shrine location and Entrance in Tears of the Kingdom

Using the Recall Ability

getting Recall Ability

The Recall ability forms the backbone of your adventure within the Nachoyah Shrine. This complex power allows you to force time to rewind for specific objects, adding a unique temporal dimension to the game’s environment.

Getting Across Lake Using Recall

Rewinding log to cross water stream

Your first challenge involves crossing a body of water teeming with wooden platforms. The trick here is to board one of these platforms and then trigger the Recall ability, forcing the platform to retrace its route and ferry you across the lake.

crossing water stream

Riding Cogwheel & Obtaining Bundle of Arrows

Getting arrows from loot chest

Once across the lake, you’ll encounter a massive cogwheel. Use the Recall ability on the cogwheel to reverse its rotation, allowing you to climb atop it. At the pinnacle, you’ll find a treasure chest containing a bundle of ten ordinary arrows, a valuable asset for your onward journey.

Syncing Spinning Dials To Open Gate

Syncing the Dials to get Light of Blessing Tears of the Kingdom

The Nachoyah Shrine houses an array of challenging puzzles designed to test your skills and patience. The first puzzle involves two spinning dials in front of a gate, rotating in opposite directions. Use the Recall ability to sync the spinning dials, creating a momentary overlap that triggers the gate to open.

Clock Hand Puzzle & Getting Fourth Blessing of Light

Next, you’ll encounter a clock hand puzzle guarding the exit. Ingeniously, you don’t have to time a Recall perfectly. Instead, use the Ultrahand ability to guide one clock hand to the other and attach them together. This holds the gate open, leading you to your fourth Blessing of Light, a significant reward to cap off your Nachoyah Shrine adventure.

Link’s New Abilities After 4th Shrine Puzzle Solution

In the Nachoyah Shrine, players not only have to solve unique puzzles but also gain access to a host of new abilities and upgrades that significantly enhance their gameplay. One of the key abilities players will acquire here is the Recall ability.

  • Recall allows players to rewind the path of an object for a brief period, providing a completely new layer of interactivity within the world of Tears of the Kingdom.
  • This unique mechanic comes into play in solving the shrine‘s puzzles and will be invaluable in future challenges.

What Is Light of Blessing?

Light of Blessing

The pinnacle of the Nachoyah, or 4th Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, is undoubtedly the acquisition of the Light of Blessing. This powerful reward, acquired by reaching the shrine’s statue, imbues players with a radiant energy that purges ancient evil and enhances their capabilities on the battlefield.

In gameplay terms, this translates to an upgrade to the player’s abilities, making Link more formidable in combat.

Returning To Temple of Time

Temple of Time

After players have conquered the challenges of the Nachoyah Shrine and acquired the powerful Light of Blessing, it’s time to return to the iconic Temple of Time. In Tears of the Kingdom, travel between major landmarks is not just a simple point-and-click affair. Players can utilize their abilities for swift and efficient travel.

  • One such ability is the Ultrahand. Acquired earlier in Tears of the Kingdom, Ultrahand can be used to interact with the world in unusual ways.
  • One of its intriguing uses is with the winged devices found in the vicinity of the Nachoyah Shrine.
  • By using Ultrahand on these devices, players can place them on the rails that slope downward to the edge of the ledge.
  • By standing on the wings, players can then steer these devices in mid-air, turning a long and arduous journey into a fun and exhilarating glide through the skies.

Manipulate Large Gears In Temple of Time Using Recall

At the Temple of Time, players encounter large blocking gears. They can use the Recall ability to rewind and move the gears, creating a path into the temple.

However, it’s a complex puzzle because the gears interlock and move in a specific pattern. Using Recall at the right time and sequence is crucial, highlighting Tears of the Kingdom’s mix of strategy and ability use.

Rewards For Completing 4th Shrine Puzzle Solution

One of the most significant rewards for completing the Nachoyah Shrine is the access it grants to the back of the Temple of Time. This area, previously inaccessible, holds secrets and further challenges that unfold as the player’s journey in Tears of the Kingdom continues. It serves as a testament to the player’s progress and symbolizes the unlocking of new challenges and discoveries within the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom.

Fourth Heart Container From Goddess Statue

Goddess Statue

Perhaps the most tangible reward waiting for players at the Temple of Time is the fourth Heart Container, a powerful item that can be obtained from the Goddess Statue. Heart Containers are vital in Tears of the Kingdom as they increase Link’s maximum health, allowing him to withstand more damage from enemies.

Getting 4 Heart Containers

Large Doors Are Open Now

Opening large gates using Heart Container

Upon receiving the fourth Heart Container, players are able to open the large doors in the room, further opening up the world of Tears of the Kingdom. This isn’t merely a symbolic reward but a literal opening of new paths, challenges, and stories.

Large gates are open in Tears of Kingdom

This brings my Nachoyah walkthrough of the 4th Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom’s location, puzzle, and solution to an end. Now that you have learned about the shrine, you must read Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom All Editions, and Ganondorf to learn more about the game.


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