Tears of the Kingdom: Temple of Time Ruins & State Location

Learn the location of Temple of Time Ruins along with its coordinates, and the side quest "A Call from the Depths".

Temple of Time Ruins Tears of the Kingdom is located in the southeastern direction of the Great Plateau. Finding the Temple is not that much of a hard task. But still, players who are facing difficulty finding the location of the Temple of Time Ruins can follow this guide to locate the exact coordinates of the Temple of Time Ruins. 

Key Takeaways
  • Temple of Time Ruins is located close to the Great Plateau in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Its coordinates are -3606, 0970, and 1698.
  • Players can interact with the Statue inside the Temple of Time Ruins.
  • Interacting with the statue will start a new side adventure, “A Call From The Depths.
  • Completion of the side quest will give players the following rewards:
    1. A Heart Container
    2. A Stamina Vessel 
  • Players get to choose only one of these rewards.

Temple of Time Ruins Locations

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features two Temples of Time. The first is the Temple of Time which is located on the Great Sky Island. The second is the Temple of Time Ruins, a part of the Hyrule Region. However, in this guide, I will only be covering the location of the Temple of Time Ruins.

As mentioned above, the Temple of Time Ruins is located next to the Great Plateau. The coordinates of the Temple of Time Ruins are -3606, 0970, 1698. However, if you cannot locate the Temple of Time Ruins, you can use the map below for further help.

Temple of Time Ruins Map
Temple of Time Ruins Map

A Call From The Depths Quest

Temple of Time Ruins
Temple of Time Ruins

Upon entering the Temple of Time, players will encounter a statue. As you interact with the statue, it will tell you to find a part of it under the water of the stone gate of the Great Plateau. However, finding the stone gate is not going to be an easy task. In order to reach the stone gate follow the steps below:

  1. First, you must go to each location marked on the map.
    Unknown Location Map
     Unknown Location Map
  2. Once you reach this location, then from the pond, you have to go to the intersection between the Great Platue North Chasm and Forest of Time.
    Stone gate Map
     Stone Gate Map
  3. Now glide down the wall in front of you, and right below, you will see the stone gate, which is blocked by some rocks.
  4. Break these rocks, and water will come out of the gate.
  5. Now go inside, and you will find the statue there.
    Statue piece inside the stone gate
    Statue inside the Stone Gate

Now that you have obtained the statue, take it back to the Temple of Time Ruins, and this will start a side quest known as “A Call From The Depths.” In this quest, you have to find the four chasms of the Great Plateau, and each chasm will have the statue’s eye nearby. 

  1. The thing you have to do is drop the eyes inside the Chasms and jump after it.
  2. Take the eyes to the temple inside the Depths, where you will find a giant statue.
  3. Put all four eyes inside the statue, and it will give you the following two options:
    • A Heart Container 
    • A Stamina Vessel
  4. You can only choose one of these rewards, so think it through and choose the reward that will benefit you.


With all the information provided above, my guide on Temple of Time Ruins Tears of the Kingdom ends. In this guide, I have mentioned the location of the Temple of Time Ruins along with its coordinates and map. Furthermore, I have also mentioned a little detail about the side quest “A Call From The Depths.

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