Tears of the Kingdom: All 7 Bargainer Statue Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer statue are places where you can trade Poe for items in depths and here are all the locations you need to know.

Bargainer Statues are statues that let you trade Poe for materials found in the depths. They have some excellent items, so you must collect as much Poe as possible. They also have special rewards for you when you discover them. This guide will tell you about all the Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer Statue Locations.

Key Takeaways
  • Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer Statue locations are scattered throughout the depths.
  • These statues trade items with you with something called Poes
  • There are a total of 7 Bargainer Statues found in Tears of the Kingdom Depths.
  • The first statue can be found in the Lookout Landing inside Josha’s research room.
  • Plains Bragainer Statue can be found underneath the Whistling Hills of Hyrule Fields. 
  • 3 other statues can be found next to the Wellsprings of Courage, Wisdom, and Power in the depths. 
  • Cliff Bargainer Statue is a bit difficult to find, but if you go through the Elma Knolls Chasm, it can be found very easily. 
  • The abandoned Central Mine Statue has another body that is trapped underwater in the Great Plateau right outside the Temple of Time
  • You can trade Poes with these statues for the Dark Link Set, Depths Set, Dark Clump, Muddle Bud, Bomb Flower, and any rare item found in the depths. 

What Are Poes

All three types of Poes in Tears of the Kingdom.

Before we talk about the locations, you must know about Poes. Poes are actually spirits of the dead stranded in the Depths. You can collect them as soon as you enter the Depths. When you meet a Bargainer Statue, they will tell you to collect Poes and then let you trade them for items. There are three types of Poes:

  • Poe: They are the most common type of Poe and only amount for one. 
  • Large Poe: They are bigger than normal Poes and amount to 5 Poes
  • Grand Poe: They are the rarest type of Poes. They amount to a total of 20 Poes.

Poes are very essential items for the long run. The items that the Bargainer Statues have are very useful. Not only that, but the rare old game items can also be bought from these statues. Hence, it is advised that you collect as many Poes as you can so you have no problem. 

1. Lookout Landing Statue

lookout landing
The Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing.

Lookout Landing Bargainer Statue is probably the first Bargainer Statue that most people would find. 

Before You Start: The Bargainer Statue will only appear once you have completed Robbie’s Camera quest.

The statue can be found in the room where Josha is conducting her research. It is right below the deck where you can find Purah. When you will talk to the statue, it will tell you to collect Poes. It will also tell you about its brethren and that you must find them. 

Important: If you are having trouble finding other Statues, then you can pay 100 Poes to the statue at Lookout Landing to find the locations of one of the Bargainer Statues.

2. Plains Statue

The Plains Bargainer Statue Location on the map.

The Plains Bargainer Statue can be found in the Hyrule Fields Depths. If you have unlocked the Stakijat Lightroot then all you need to do is make your way to the Northeast side until you see the Statue.

However, if you haven’t unlocked it, then make your way under the Whistling hill by using the Surface Map. The exact coordinates of the Bargainer Statue are (0458, -0808, -0467). Follow these coordinates in the Depths and reach the statue easily.

3. Wellspring Of Courage Statue

courage bargainer statue
Location of the Wellspring of Courage Bargainer statue on the map.

All Bargainer Statues can be called counterparts of the Goddess Statues. If there is a Goddess statue on the surface, then there must be a Bargainer Statue in the depths. The wellspring of courage is located directly beneath the Spring of Courage. And here, you can actually find another Bargainer Statue.

If you have completed the Spirit temple, then you already know of the Construct factory here. You need to teleport to the lightroot and go to the south to find the statue. If you haven’t made any main story progression, then jump down Tobio’s Hollow Chasm and then make your way to these coordinates (0883, -2402, -0393). 

4. Wellspring Of Wisdom Statue

The location of the Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue on the map.

Just like the Wellspring of Courage, the Wellspring of Wisdom also has a Bargainer Statue next to it. Teleport to the Usukaz Lightroot and make your way to the Northeast of the Lightroot to find the statue. If the Lightroot hasn’t been unlocked, then jump down the Naydra Snowfield Chasm and make your way to the East or simply go to the coordinates (3849, -1327, -0858). 

5. Wellspring Of Power Statue

Just like the previous two Wellsprings, the Wellspring of Power also has a Bargainer Statue. Travel to the Akinatanis Lightroot and go North to find the Wellspring of Power. If the Lightroot is not active, then just fall down the East Akkala Plains Chasm and then make your way to these coordinates (3713, 2598, -0411). 

6. Cliff Statue

The Cliff Bargainer Statue Location on the Map.

Cliff Bargainer Statue is a bit tricky to get access to. The Lightroot right next to it is hard to get to, so most people won’t have it unlocked. The following steps will tell you the fastest way to get here. 

Using a balloon and cart to get up the Cliff.
  1. The fastest way to get to the Statue is by jumping down Elma Knolls Chasm and making your way East.
  2. There you can find the Uoyoyuik Lightroot.
  3. Now make your way to the East towards the very high wall.
  4. The wall is very high for most people to climb.
  5. Hence it is recommended that you use a balloon to get up.
  6. Once you are up there, make your way to the Lightroot visible in the distance. 
  7. Once you have activated the Lightroot make your way to these Coordinates (-1028, 2693, -0273)

7. Abandoned Central Mine Statue 

central mine bargainer statue
Abandoned Central Mine’s Bargainer Statue.

If you explored the Abandoned Central Mine thoroughly, you already know of the underground area. Here you can find one of the Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer statue’s location. Once you have found the statue, he will talk about something completely different. It says that it is underwater behind a stone gate in the Great Plateau. What’s even more interesting is that the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time says the exact thing. 

  1. So you need to go to the Temple of Time and go in the direction of the Forest of Time
  2. Make your way to the end of the Great Plateau, where you can see a lot of water gathered in front of the wall. 
  3. You can see the Forest of Time from there. Now jump down and see that there is a breakable wall in front of the door. 
  4. Use either a stone weapon or a bomb flower arrow to blow the wall up. 
  5. Once the water has washed away, you can find the hidden body of the Bargainer Statue
  6. It will tell you to go to the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time, and once you go there, it will start a quest. 

Items Exchange List

Each time you find one of these bargainer statues, you will find a new item for you to exchange. These statues will have the following items.

  • Dark Clump for 10 Poes
  • Muddle Bud for 16 Poes
  • Bomb Flower for 16 Poes
  • Puffshroom for 16 Poes
  • Dark Hood for 300 Poes
  • Dark Tunic for 150 Poes
  • Dark Trousers for 150 Poes
  • Hood of the Depths for 300 Poes
  • Tunic of the Depths for 150 Poes
  • Gaiters of the Depths for 200 Poes

The Depths armor set is very helpful because it gives you three gloom resistance. Hence, exploration in the depths is a must. You can also buy any rare item that you got from the depths, like Midna’s Helmet, Sea-Breeze Boomerang, and more. 


Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer Statue locations are scattered throughout the depths. Poes are the items that you require to exchange other items with them. Some of these statues can be found near the Wellsprings of courage, wisdom, and power in the depths. One of them can be found under the Whistling Hills.

The cliff-bargained statue is a bit hard to find, but you can reach it through Elma Knolls Chasm. The last one can be found in the Central Mine. But you need to find its real body, which can be found in the Great Plateau outside the Temple of Time.

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