Tears of the Kingdom: Goddess Statue Of Courage [Walkthrough]

Complete goddess statue of courage tears of the kingdom by Finding Farosh, Taking It's Claw and returning to goddess statue.

What Is Goddess Statue Of Courage?

The Goddess Statue of Courage is a statute that stands majestically in the Faron region of Tears of the Kingdom’s world, near the scenic Dracozu Lake. Surrounded by the vibrant flora and fauna of Faron, this statue represents one of the core values of the Hero of Legend: Courage. This quest is not just about obtaining a powerful weapon or completing a challenge.

  • As you traverse the various regions of Tears of the Kingdom’s world, from the Forgotten Temple in the east of the Hebra region to the Gerudo region in the east.
  • You’ll uncover bits and pieces of the lore surrounding the Goddess of Courage and her role in Tears of the Kingdom’s mythology.
Key Takeaways
  • Locate the Goddess Statue of Courage near Dracozu Lake in the Faron region (coordinates: 0877, -2372, 0017).
  • The quest involves bringing the claw of the dragon Farosh to the statue.
  • Farosh, found flying over the eastern part of the Gerudo region, is the target.
  • Best location to encounter Farosh is from Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
  • Use arrows to hit Farosh’s claw while it flies by, requiring patience and precision.
  • Upon successful hit, retrieve the dropped shiny item (Farosh’s Claw) quickly.
  • Return to the Goddess Statue of Courage and drop the claw into the water before the statue.
  • Upon receiving the claw, the statue rewards the player with a Topaz, a precious gem useful in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Start Goddess of Courage

location Goddess statue of Courage quest
Precise Location [image credit: eXputer]
To begin the quest for the Goddess Statue of Courage in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, your first step would be to locate the statue. This statue can be found near Dracozu Lake, situated in the lush and verdant Faron region. The Quest coordinates are 0877, -2372, 0017.

  • Once you’ve located the statue, you will be able to interact with it. The Statue speaks of a task that you must fulfill, providing a captivating tale that sets the stage for your quest.
  • It’s worth noting that if this is the first statue out of the three Goddess Statues you have encountered, you would need to make an extra trip.
  • The Mother Goddess Statue at the Forgotten Temple, located in the eastern half of the Hebra area, will be requested by the Goddess Statue of Courage. You will need to locate and visit this statue, triggering another dialogue sequence.

Return to Goddess Statue of Courage; this will be your main objective for this quest and the start of your thrilling adventure across the lands of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Farosh’s Claw

Farosh's Claw goddess statue of courage tears of the kingdom
Farosh’s Claw [image credit: eXputer]
The Quest, Goddess Statue Of Courage, Tears of the Kingdom, is acquiring the claw of the dragon Farosh. This formidable dragon is a recurring figure in Tears of the Kingdom, and encountering it forms a significant part of your journey. Farosh typically flies over the eastern Gerudo area before looping back into the Depths. Capturing one of Farosh’s claws is a feat that requires precision, skill, and timing.

  • Hence, the most strategic location for this encounter would be the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
  • This Tower offers a clear vantage point from which you can spot Farosh.
  • From the Skyview Tower, you’ll need to prepare your shot as Farosh passes by carefully. The objective is to hit one of Farosh’s claws with an arrow.

Upon successfully hitting Farosh’s claw, a shiny item will drop. This is the much-sought-after claw of Farosh, and retrieving it will complete the main objective of the quest. Remember to act quickly to retrieve the claw, as items can despawn if not picked up in time.

Returning To The Goddess Statue

Returing to Goddess Statue Goddess Statue Quest
Returning to Goddess Statue [image credit: eXputer]
Returning to the statue might be a journey in itself, as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is known for its dynamic and challenging world. You may need to traverse varying landscapes, encounter different creatures, and overcome any unexpected challenges on your way back.

  1. Once you arrive at the Goddess Statue of Courage, approach it and interact to trigger the next sequence in the quest.
  2. You’ll need to offer Farosh’s Claw to the statue.
  3. To do this, stand near the water in front of the statue, select Farosh’s Claw from your inventory, hold it, and then drop the item into the water.
  4. Stand in front of the Goddess Statue near the water.
  5. From your inventory, select Farosh’s Claw. Choose the option to hold the item and then drop it into the water before the statue. This action signifies your offering to the Goddess.

Upon receiving Farosh’s Claw, the Goddess Statue of Courage acknowledges your effort and bravery in fulfilling her request. She will grant you a reward. This reward typically comes in the form of a powerful item or weapon that can significantly aid you in your further adventures in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For this particular quest, you are granted a Topaz, a precious gem that holds various uses within Tears of the Kingdom.

In conclusion, the quest for the Goddess Statue of Courage in “Tears of the Kingdom” revolves around obtaining Farosh’s Claw. Initiated in the Faron region near Dracozu Lake, the quest takes players on a journey to the Gerudo region to encounter the dragon Farosh.


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