Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Bubbul Gem [How To Get]

Don't know what to do with the Bubbul Gem in Tears of the Kingdom? Check out this definitive guide to know everything.

You might have found some shiny gems which are known as Bubbles or, rather, ‘Bubbul’ Gems. Even if you haven’t found them, don’t worry this Bubbul Gem Tears of the Kingdom guide will let you know everything. You might be wondering what is the use of these shiny crystals. They can be traded for other things, which I will explain in this guide. 

Key Takeaways
  • Bubbul Gems In Tears of the Kingdom are used for trading for armor and materials.
  • You can obtain a Bubbul Gem easily in a cave after shooting a Bubbulfrog.
  • Give it to Kilton in order to initiate the quest. 
  • When the quest is completed, find Kitlon again and trade with more Bubbul Gems.
  • You will get several rewards, including the Mystic Robe Gear Set.
  • Mystic Robe Gear Set does not let Link lose his health; rather, Link will lose rupees.

What Are Bubbul Gems?

Bubbul Gem

Bubbul Gem Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are shiny crystals that you can find in caves. You can find them in most of the caves, as they are dropped when you shoot the Bubbulfrogs with an arrow. However, you won’t them easily as they are most of the time hidden. The frogs will probably be hanging from the cave ceiling, or you might see them just at the side of the cave. 

How To Get?


Getting the gems is not difficult at all. You must find the frogs in a cave and shoot them down. Now you just don’t need to shoot them; you must land a critical hit for them to drop a gem. The frog will land on the floor if you don’t land a critical blow. After that, reshoot it, and it will drop a gem. So, now you need to go and pick it up.



You can trade the gems for armor and materials, and trading them isn’t complicated at all. However, to trade them, you need to find the merchant and complete and side quest, which won’t take a lot of your time. You need to find Kilton and his older brother Koltin in order to trade the gems.

All Bubbul Gem Rewards In Tears Of The Kingdom

Number of Bubbul Gems Rewards
2 Bubbul Gems Moblin Mask
3 Bubbul Gems (5 total)  3 Hinox Toenails
3 Bubbul Gems ( 8 total) Mystic Robe
3 Bubbul Gems (11 total)  8 Fire Kesse Eyeballs
3 Bubbul Gems (14 total)  Lizalfos Mask
3 Bubbul Gems (17 total) 8 Ice-breath Lizalfos tail
4 Bubbul Gems (21 total)  Mystic trousers
4 Bubbul Gems (25 total)  White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
4 Bubbul Gems (29 total)  Horriblin Mask
4 Bubbul Gems (33 total) 2 Gleeok Wings
4 Bubbul Gems (37 total)  Lynel Mask
4 Bubbul Gems (41 total)  3 Gleeok Thunder Horns
5 Bubbul Gems (46 total) Mystic Headpiece
  • Koltin rewards players for presenting Bubbul Gems with various items, including the Mystic armor set.
  • Wearing the Mystic armor set makes players lose rupees instead of health bars, beneficial for endgame when rupees are abundant.
  • Players need 46 Bubbul Gems to obtain all rewards; there are 147 to be found in the world.
  • After exchanging 46 Bubbul Gems, Koltin provides one final reward.
  • Additionally, Koltin informs players about the remaining Bullfrogs and their approximate locations.

Where To Find Kilton And Koltin?

Kotlin And Kilton

Kilton and Kotlin can be found easily at the northeast of the Lookout Landing. The coordinates are 1090, 1143, 0021. When you are at these coordinates, look around you, and you will find a colorful hot air balloon, and the brothers will be standing right next to it. Then hand over a Bubbul Gem to them, and a quest will be initiated.

The quest isn’t difficult; you just need to hit the frog with an arrow and pick up the gem. Then give it to Koltin, and he will give you a Bokoblin Mask. After that, Kotlin will go on a journey, so you must find him again to get more rewards by trading the gems. You don’t have to rush the search for him as after 9 pm you can find him, by chance. 

Bokoblin Mask

However, if you want the armor asap, you should head over to Kilton, who you will find at Terry Town; he will tell you the location of this brother, so just head over to wherever he tells you to. 

Koltin Locations:

  • North of Hyrule Field chasm: Coordinates -0317, -0163, 0121.
  • Near YunoboCo HQ and at Gerudo Canyon, North of Gerudo Canyon Stable: Coordinates -2792, -2419, 0200.
  • South Tabantha snowfields south of Snowfield Stable: Coordinates -1534, 2386, 0245.
  • Eldin Mountains north of YunoboCo HQ: Coordinates 1438, 3087, 0397.
  • Akkala Highlands east of Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower: Coordinates 3660, 2064, 0168.
  • Faron Grasslands, east of Lake Hylia: Coordinates 0583, -2680, 0112.

For players’ ease, a comprehensive table for the locations and coordinates is given below.

Locations Coordinates
Hyrule Field, north of Hyrule Field Chasm -0317, -0163, 0121
South Tabantha Snowfields, south of Snowfield stable -1534, 2386, 0245
Eldin Mountains, north of YunoboCo HQ 1438, 3087, 0397
Gerudo Canyon, South of Gerudo Canyon Stable -2792, -2419, 0200
Akkala Highlands, east of Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower 3660, 2064, 0168
Faron Grasslands, east of Lake Hylia 0583, -2680, 0112

Players can always create fire and wait until night if it is not late enough, as Koltin usually appears around 9 pm.  

A new heading with the title “All rewards from Bubbul Gem exchange” must be added, compiled with all of the rewards that can be gained from the exchange of bubbul gems in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. 

Trading Rewards

2 Bubbul GemsMoblin mask
3 Bubbul GemsMystic Robe
3 Bubbul GemsLizalfos Mask
3 Bubbul GemsHinox Toenail x3
3 Bubbul GemsIce-Breath Lizalfos Tail x8
3 Bubbul GemsFire Keese Eyeball x8
4 Bubbul GemsWhite-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
4 Bubbul GemsMystic Trousers

The rewards are not limited to these; you can get more rewards by spending more gems. However, keep in mind that the Mystic Robe Gear Set will not give you much defense. The purpose of this armor is to prevent you from losing your health. Instead of losing health, you will lose rupees, so stack them as much as possible if you wear this armor.

That’s almost everything you want to know about Bubble Gem Tears of the Kingdom. Trade the gems for the desired rewards and have fun. With that said, you should check out the Tears of the Kingdom’s best items. Also, check out the guide on how to cook.

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