Tears of the Kingdom: All Blue Hinox Locations

Find all blue hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom, and challenge these giant adversaries offering rare treasures upon defeat.

Dive into the vast expanse of Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and challenge the gargantuan Blue Hinoxes lurking in the corners of Hyrule. From the surface to the depths, these formidable foes await the brave, promising rare treasures to those who can conquer them. That is why I have listed all 15 Blue Hinox locations scattered over the map of Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, which will not only increase their knowledge but also help them ace the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Blue Hinox is a mini-Boss in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and is found mainly in East and West Necluda areas.
  • Blue Hinox Exhibits behavior similar to Breath of the Wild, especially when shot in the eyes.
  • Defeating one may yield drops like Roasted Bass, Hinox Toenail, Hinox Tooth, and Blue Hinox Horn, among others.
  • Players can also win a Hinox Trophy for completing quests or upgrading weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Blue Hinoxes often drop fruits post-defeat.
  • 8 specific Blue Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom are on Hyrule’s surface.
  • An additional 7 Hinoxes are in the depths of Hyrule and are tougher due to the Gloom infection.
  • Anti-Gloom dishes, elixirs, and clothing are essential when battling the deep-dwelling Hinoxes in Tears of the Kingdom.

What Is Blux Hinox In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Blue Hinox
Blue Hinox [Image Credits: eXputer]
Hinox is a mini-Boss in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom which can be found in the East Necluda Depths, and West Necluda areas of the map. They are simple to identify from a distance due to their impressive size. Similar to Breath of the Wild, they exhibit the same behavior; getting puzzled when players fire into their eyes, and can be found in the majority of Hyrule’s regions.

When defeated, a Blue Hinox may drop Roasted Bass, Roasted Hearty Bass, Blackened Crab, Roasted Hearty Salmon, Hinox Toenail, Hinox Tooth, Sneaky River, Escargot, Roasted Porgy, Roasted Trout, Blue Hinox Horn, Hinox Guts and Roasted Carp. The players will also win a Hinox Trophy, which can be used to finish quests or improve the weapons of different warriors. Additionally, most Blue Hinoxes drop a collection of fruits after their death.

All Blue Hinox Locations In Hyrule’s Surface

There are 8 known locations of Blue Hinoxes along the surface of the Hyrule which can be easily located by following the map description and coordinates.

Location Description Coordinates
Northwest edge of Hyrule below Hebra North Crest -3655, 3806, 0231
West of Outskirt Stable, south of Dalite Forest -2014, -1200, 0102
Grinnden Plains, southwest of Lake Hylia -0807, -3019, 0120
West of Jiukoum Shrine, southern side of Dueling Peaks 1273, -2175, 0250
West of Ebon Mountain, southwest of Hateno Village 3160, -2596, 0106
Inside Corta Lake Cave, North of Lakeside Stable 1652, -2911, 0156
Ruto Precipice overlooking Zora’s Domain 3401, 0271, 0248
East of Ulria Grotto and Zora’s Domain, Southwest of Gatanisis Shrine 4435, 0740, 0112

Blue Hinox Locations At Depths of Hyrule In Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there are seven Hinoxes hiding in the depths of Hyrule. Since these creatures have the Gloom infection, they are more difficult to defeat than their counterparts on the surface. Players who want to battle these bosses need to bring anti-Gloom dishes, elixirs, and clothing.

Location Description Coordinates
Northwest of Tikanur Lightroot -2736, 1334, -0609
Southwest of Abandoned Gerudo Mine, North of Desert Coliseum -4325, -3465, -0477
East of Sijotu Lightroot 1562, -2416, -0640
Southeast of Wellspring of Courage, South of Sijotu Lightroot 1213, -2672, -0593
Northwest of Spirit Temple 1098, -2872, -0516
Northeast of Spirit Temple, West of Floria Canyon Mine 1652, -2911, -0707
Southeast of Uihcoke Lightroot 1305, 0910, -0480

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Blue Hinox stands as a monumental challenge for players navigating the diverse landscapes of Hyrule. Beyond their imposing stature and familiar tactics, their presence in both the surface and the treacherous depths beckons the bravest of adventurers, offering rich rewards for those skilled enough to defeat them.

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