Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Creating Weapons Of Mass Destruction With Ultrahand

There seems to be no end to the players' creativity.

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  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are reportedly crafting weapons of mass destruction that obliterate enemies in their path.
  • One vehicle uses a propeller to throw flames at the poor foes that happen to walk in front of it to attack, rendering them useless in a few moments.
  • A Reddit user also crafted a machine gun attached to a platform that can wipe out a bundle of enemies. Another user created a single-fan flying vehicle with a weapon.
  • One player created an all-terrain assault vehicle that can traverse the rocky mountains. Another vehicle ditches the wheels to travel through the map quickly.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are brimming with creativity, from bringing an industrial age to crafting weapons that leave foes standing in awe before making failed attempts to flee. Some users on Reddit have taken it a tad bit far and started crafting weapons of mass destruction that seem unstoppable, with only the battery drains being their weakness.

While we have seen many vehicles laced with various projectile weapons, the Reddit user Shadester01 took it a step far and attached a propeller that throws scorching hot flames instead of air. The enemies that dared to approach the strange vehicle were soon engulfed in flame, running around to douse the fire. The green grass field was soon turned into a seared aftermath full of blood stains and charred corpses.

shrine devices are fun :D
by u/Shadester01 in HyruleEngineering

If a few shots are not enough to deal with foes in Tears of the Kingdom, then why not create a machine gun? The Reddit user thottwheels made a rough draft of the gun attached to a platform that fires a lot of shots per second. Most of all, the weapon can be handled to an extent, using a lever to change its path to target different areas. As per the user, the machine gun proved fatal against a Black Hinox but not as much against Lynels.

Rough draft for sure but has potential
by u/thottwheels in HyruleEngineering

Generally, Tears of the Kingdom creations often struggle to maneuver around the varied terrains of the map. However, the Reddit user named lynx-paws has crafted an all-terrain assault vehicle. Link can now take the car laced with destruction all over the map to deal with enemies without getting off. The vehicle utilizes a robust suspension that is able to climb atop the boulders that dare stand in its path.

I decided to try my hand at building an all-terrain assault vehicle
by u/lynx-paws in HyruleEngineering

Moreover, it uses a laser strong enough laser to pierce the flesh of enemies. Tears of the Kingdom map is full of charming yet hard-to-reach places, but this vehicle can easily traverse it all. Another build created by the user Dopedegenerate, even goes as far as ditching the wheels altogether, gaining the ability to sweep through the mountains.

inspired fun build..
by u/_dopedegenerate_ in HyruleEngineering

The user jumps from the cliff to the land without taking any damage, and the vehicle’s speed lets Link quickly sweep through the varied terrain ranges without any issues. Although the wheel-less vehicle still cannot take to the sky, but many creations can solve that problem.

Regardless, no one would have expected to spot Link using a single-fan flying ship with a weapon. The flying vehicle created by user Soronir is battery efficient because it only uses a single fan. It also has a weapon on its tail to deal with unfortunate enemies on the land.

I’ve spent days trying to make this work, went through numerous iterations. Single Fan Flying Machine!
by u/Soronir in HyruleEngineering

All of the creations have used the new Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing users to craft all sorts of devices by sticking parts together. For instance, one user created a speculator flying battleship reminiscent of the Flying Dutchman. Some have turned Link into a bomber pilot, while others turned to complete shrines through lazy but clever ways; the creativity in the entry will only grow as the user base expands. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has garnered an exceptionally positive rating all over the world, hailing as the best-rated title of all time on OpenCritic; it is the sixth game ever to be awarded perfect Famitsu and Edge scores. While the title only came out for the Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2023, it can already be emulated on the PC.

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