A Portal 2 Native VR Mod Is Seemingly In Development, Footage Confirms

No release date or other important info currently exists.

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  • A native VR mod for Portal 2 is seemingly in development by the modder Gistix, who is utilizing the Left 4 Dead 2 VR code mod code to create it.
  • The video shared by the Flat2VR channel showcases the gameplay of the native VR mod, and it will reportedly feature 6DOF alongside motion controls to craft an immersive venture.
  • Currently, it is possible to play Portal 2 using Vorpx; it is a VR 3D driver that allows the supported PC games to run on a VR headset, but it is rough around the edges for the Portal sequel.
  • Unfortunately, no details regarding the release date of the mod currently exist. But we can expect to receive updates in the future as the mod further brews.

Portal 2 has aged to become among the best titles for over a decade; it still retains a large slew of players under its spell, attracting both veteran and new fans alike. Regardless, many gamers have been starving to experience entry through the lens of VR, but Valve has not touched on the prospect for many potential reasons. There have been some ways to enjoy the game in VR before, but a native VR mod is reportedly in the works.

The Flat2VR YouTube channel has recently posted a new video that shows a VR mod for Portal 2, capturing the glimpse of many fans who have long been scouring for a native way. The project is the work of the modder Gistix who is in the process of recycling the Left 4 Dead 2 VR mod code to make it usable for the title. The modder is toiling hard to bring 6DOF (Six Degrees Of Freedom) VR with motion controls into the Portal sequel.

YouTube video

The video features the user completing a small puzzle by jumping on the platforms to catch the cube hanging in the air, all in VR. The puzzle also allows the user to jump through the air many times to both ends of the map, which must feel exhilarating to experience through the allure of VR.

Gistix is also solving the significant hurdles of using Vorpx to currently play the game in VR, causing its own set of issues. Vorpx is a 3D driver for VR that lets users play an assortment of supported PC games on VR headsets. Portal 2 is also a sustained entry for the software, which has been the current way of playing it in VR. However, it is not a native experience, so fans have been looking for a mod.

The new native mod featuring 6DOF and motion controls will make Portal 2 anew, as all of it will translate to become a very immersive experience. As per the users in comments who have already played Portal 2 in VR, jumping through the map to land in portals and solving the set of puzzles sprinkled in the game feels like a whole new venture. The new native VR mod will solve the existing issues and enhance the experience.

Portal 2
Portal 2 is embued with esthetic scenery that leaves one with a feeling of melancholy.

Hence, it is not impossible to enjoy Portal 2 in VR currently, but the experience is filled with frustrating moments as Vorpx is quite rough around the edges. For instance, one player pointed out they would come out of portals sideway while using Vorpx. Unfortunately, no release date or other particulars, like the required devices for the unnamed project, have been shared, but we can expect to receive updates in the future.

Portal 2 proved to be a major turning point for the franchise and Valve, proving to be a fascinating experience for many users. The title intricately weaved a compelling story, gameplay, unique and expanded mechanics, a variety of scenic moments, user-created levels, and much more to leave us in awe of its beauty. Thus, playing the game in VR will be a highly thrilling experience for the nostalgic community.

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