V’s Edgerunners Mansion Mod Out Now For Cyberpunk 2077

Pimp out your residence with this neat mod.

Cyberpunk 2077 has just been revamped with an anime adaptation called Edgerunners. It hasn’t been that long since the latter’s release and it appears the well-acclaimed Netflix entry has already been subjected to modding interpretations. Of course, knowing the bustling PC community, this was bound to turn up sooner or later.

A creator called “keanuWheeze” has developed the V’s Edgerunners Mansion – Apartment DLC to allow players to purchase and access V’s terrific homestead in Night City (thanks The Gamer). Quite the addition to the notorious CD Projekt Red RPG, might we dare say. 

The Rundown: 

  • A proponent of the PC gaming community has uploaded a mod called “V’s Edgerunners Mansion – Apartment DLC” on the world-famous NexusMods website. 
  • The mod is geared toward the incorporation of V’s—the protagonist—mansion in the Cyberpunk 2077 game, inspired evidently from the recently released Edgerunners anime on Netflix.
  • The mod features multiple elements that the player can interact with, but to buy the mansion in the first place, you need to have at least 75000 E$ if your Street Cred is below 30. 

The creator has laid out the instructions for the downloadable mod in an easy-to-comprehend format. One of the first things that the mod switches up in-game on your end is the addition of a purchasable property in Night City called V’s Mansion right next to the protagonist’s original apartment

Both of these entities are highlighted in the Edgerunners anime, so the accuracy here is definitely on point. Moreover, one cool aspect about the whole mod is how thoughtfully has it been crafted. It’s possible to get into the mansion without having to experience any loading screens. 

All that you’ll be needing is an elevator that will take you upward to your mansion, thereby making the whole affair appear nothing but seamless. Moreover, the creator “keanuWheeze” has definitely made a swath of quality-of-life changes to the whole apartment.

V's Mansion's Outer Area
V’s Mansion’s Outer Area

You can roam around the entire premises to find interactable elements dispersed throughout the property. There’s an option to sit on the terrace area next to the pool while the grande-style bed built right at the heart of the mansion allows V to doze off and unwind. 

Last but not least, the creator was kind enough to include a wardrobe inside the apartment, so V can change his apparel whenever you want him to. In a relatively recent update to the work, the door to the terrace has been unlocked, so potential players can enjoy the view and bask in the glory of this well-designed PC mod.

As for the installation, there’s a prerequisite that you have to tend to before diving into this high-profile house. It’s actually required to download the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod first before you can get into the mansion perk at hand. The latter is a powerful framework function that enables developers to access script-centric tools. 

Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod on NexusMods
Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod on NexusMods

Feel free to visit the unofficial mod page link for more information on that. The details have been laid out in a concise manner, so you won’t find it hard to follow up on them even if you have a brief background on PC gaming. 

How To Unlock The V Mansion Once You Download The Mod

Downloading this mod doesn’t genuinely mean that you can get the overly futuristic house for free. You, being a Cyberpunk 2077 player of all people, should know better how things truly go down in Night City. Players will be required to pay 150000 E$ which is the in-game currency to gain access or basically “buy” the property. 

However, there is a benefit to reap here if your Street Cred — the game’s ingrained reputation system — is above 30. Seasoned players who have had their fair share of run-ins with the law and other similarly-styled parties will be eligible to acquire a 50% discount and buy V’s Mansion for as low as 75000 E$

The 150000 E$ price point, therefore, is for those who still haven’t reached the 30 Streed Cred mark. Full price for that one undoubtedly. Now, in order to actually get to the specific area where you can purchase the mansion, make haste to the elevator situated right in front of the “Megabuilding” where V lives. 

Now, as soon as you arrive at the right place, the elevator access section is going to bring forth a prompt to the screen. You can use this prompt to purchase V’s Mansion. The price will be in accordance with the level of your Street Cred.

Upon purchasing the property and doling out all that dough, the elevator doors will open themselves and allow you to go up several floors until you finally reach the level of the mansion. As soon as you’re in, feel free to explore the property as if it’s your own (because it literally is) and delve into your purchase painlessly. 

A Word On CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077’s Rising Success

In case you missed it, the developers of the game have just celebrated 20 million players in recent times. The game has been on the rise for quite a while now, first arriving at the spotlight when it garnered 70,000 concurrent players and then recently achieving a mileston of 100,000 players enjoying it at a single given time.

The thanks here can be owed to the Edgerunners anime released on Netflix earlier along with the announcement of the Phatom Liberty DLC. In our initial Cyberpunk 2077 review, we had no choice but to deem the game “cluttered and messy,” but those remarks definitely didn’t age well, considering the game’s current stature. 

Do let us know whether you’re going to try the V’s Edgerunners Mansion – Apartment DLC mod on your copy of the game. Please excuse us in the meantime while we go and check out our latest crib. 

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