Modder Breathes New Life Into SWAT 4 With NVIDIA RTX Remix

We can expect more older titles to be born anew as modders continue to experiment with NVIDIA RTX Remix.

Both the first and third-person shooter genres have been a staple in the gaming industry. Running around guns blazing or camping in a corner, all of these viable strategies are prevalent choices. However, tactical shooters, on the other hand, sway you to consider all variables before firing a shot, and SWAT 4 is a perfect example of one.

While the series has been entirely stagnant lately, the g(olden) tactical shooter, SWAT 4, has just been revived by the work of a modder. A user named LordVulkan has integrated NVIDIA RTX Remix files from the recent Portal RTX release into SWAT 4.

The results were posted on the Beyond3D forums in the form of images that show striking differences from the vanilla version.

Major Takeaway

  • The user, LordVulkan, has modded the SWAT 4 game by implementing the latest NVIDIA RTX Remix files; the modder has also shared images, revealing the huge change in visuals and the overall allure.
  • The game is evidently barely tweaked, with a redefined skybox, and sees a huge upgrade in graphics due to the RTX Remix integration.
  • NVIDIA recently announced its RTX Remix technology which will allow modders to tinker with the old DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 video games more easily. The support includes features like ray tracing support and the ability to massively enhance aged visuals.
  • We could soon see a surge of modders renovating the old nostalgic games with the new RTX Remix. The modded SWAT 4 is just a single example of what we can expect moving forward.

The modded SWAT 4 looks like a whole new game with wholly upgraded graphics to match modern standards. No gamer relishing the experience back in 2005 would have imagined how alluring it would look in almost two decades. The modded visuals are because of the NVIDIA RTX Remix, which revamps the game fully as we know it.

Sniper in SWAT 4
SWAT 4 modded with NVIDIA RTX Remix. The image shows a small eatery lit with raytraced lightning. || Image Source: LordVulkan.

As per the modder, it only allegedly required a small amount of tweaking. Moreover, LordVulkan also redefined the skybox. NVIDIA RTX Remix files let add raytraced visuals which will obviously require a beefy gaming PC to support. The shadows appear to reflect beautifully on all surfaces, even on glossy utensils as can be seen below.

Swat 4 in the Kitchen
Swat 4 in the Kitchen

The modder seemingly achieved the stunning feat by copying certain files from Portal RTX to the SWAT 4 exe folder. Moreover, it seems that many older games matching certain prerequisites can use NVIDIA RTX Remix. Using the RTX Remix files can greatly enhance the graphics of any games that support the technology.

You can read the detailed step-by-step procedure below on how to mod SWAT 4 using NVIDIA RTX Remix files.

The modder Lord Vulkan listing the step-by-step guide on how to mod SWAT 4 with NVIDIA RTX Remix.

We suggest visiting the forum to pay homage to the modder and view all the shared images and the discussion.

We could see an influx of modders applying RTX Remix to popular nostalgic titles. It will be way easier than before to quickly bump up the graphics of an old game by utilizing NVIDIA’s new RTX Remix. It is a perfect ode to titles we have grown up cherishing and relishing for years.

As defined by NVIDIA, “RTX Remix allows modders to easily capture game assets, automatically enhance materials with powerful AI tools, and quickly create stunning RTX remasters with ray tracing and DLSS.” It is built on the NVIDIA Omniverse and is compatible with DX8 and DX9 games.

YouTube video

What are your thoughts about the modder rejuvenating the tactical SWAT 4 experience with the new NVIDIA RTX Remix? Do you think that more nostalgic games will start to see alluring graphics using the new technology in the near future? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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