Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare At 1000 FPS Destroys Its Own Physics Engine

Zoom through the map in complete usher silence without even pressing any buttons whenever your game hits a whopping 1000 frames per second.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare blasted its way into the market with its approach to shooters being simple and effective, shooting bad guys and having lots of fun running and gunning, with a dash of good storytelling.

It has always been one of the more known first-person franchises and one of the most iconic ones to have ever hit the shelves of almost every gaming platform. The series aged pretty well, spanning a handful of games, merchandise, and an entire Battle Royale franchise.

Activision tries to push out a new game every year to keep up with the competition and other franchises, even if the content that they put out isn’t up to mark. A great example is the Modern Warfare franchise, and how surprisingly positive it has been with the community for the last few entries.

Although their newer and more recent content hasn’t been as impressive as some of their other hit titles, it is the fact that their older titles were almost perfect and they were extremely impressive, both in gameplay and innovation. The most outstanding example we have is Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

With Modern Warfare being one of the highest-rated Call Of Duty games, it has never disappointed. Unlike the newer games, the original trilogy was absolutely perfect. It was so good that people still come back to these older games after years of release. Well, a user did a unique experiment on how the frames can be manipulated in Modern Warfare, and the results were very unique.

YouTube video

The user by the name of Import – Ieu makes a lot of content featuring previous and current COD games, mostly new story routes, hidden secrets, or new ways to experience a COD game. His videos also include glitches, secrets, and many other unique things, But his biggest finds were much more interesting.

The user showed through, commands and manipulation how he is able to change his FPS in the game and how it changes the mechanics and physics of the maps, and spoiler alert, it absolutely destroys the engine.

The video starts slow and at a small pace, starting at around 25 fps, to 333 fps, and finally getting to 1000 Frames per second. At 333 fps the game is at the edge of being ‘Normal,’ it is after this point it changes.

At 1000 Frames Per Second, the game suddenly shifts in character, the player starts gliding through the map making no noise, making it seem as if the player is almost floating. At one point you do not even need to make the character move, it does that by itself as well.

Furthermore, the jumps become extremely small, so small that you can’t even jump over fences or vehicles like you previously could do. Fortunately, a viewer gave an extremely detailed reason for such weird occurrences in the game.

This is due to deltatime, a game engine’s way of representing time, it counts every frame that passes in a second to determine how much time has passed, this is still used nowadays, except that what differs from now and then, is that modern engines will always give you a constant and smooth deltatime, the engine has some algorythms in the background to equalize the values no matter the framerate.”

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