Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy XIV Event Behemoth Will One Shot You

Here Is How You Can Avoid That

Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy XIV special event has started and you might want to know a few things before you go hunting for it. Capcom community manager Yuri Araujo talked about the Behemoth that players will be fighting and how the monster will be able to one shot players. The monster has a special move called the Ecliptic Meteor that you need to avoid. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

The one final note that applies to every hunter taking on this grand quest is Behemoth’s ultimate move: the Ecliptic Meteor. A direct hit from this game-changing ability will result in an instant faint! It also denies all possible escape routes and items (including the Farcaster); the only way to survive is to hide behind smaller fallen comets the Behemoth has summoned throughout the battle. So always be mindful of your surroundings and keep an eye out for this devastating attack.

Keeping all this in mind, defeating this monster is not going to be easy but then again this is Monster Hunter World that we are talking about. You should expect things like that from the devs. It would not be so popular if it was easy.

The update will introduce new weapons and armor and players will be able to transform their hunters into dragon-slaying warriors from Final Fantasy XIV: Dragoons. That is very cool indeed. If you have Monster Hunter World and are a fan of Final Fantasy then you should check out this special update and give it a go with friends. The event was announced by Square Enix and Capcom as follows:

A powerful beast from another world. Its large horns and muscular frame defy nature. Hunters will need to utilize some unique strategies to battle it.

Monster Hunter World is a great game and it has already been released on console. It will be coming to PC in a few days, so the wait is not as long anymore. If you have been waiting for the chance to play the game on PC then you will be able to do so in the next few days.

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