MultiVersus’ Active Player Count Has Dropped By 99% Since Release

The once-promising brawler is now reduced to a speck of its old self.

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  • MultiVersus’ active player count has dropped by 99 percent since its eventful launch. The title now struggles to cross 1000 player mark, which is a far cry from its initial boast of over 150,000 players at one point.
  • The game’s community has degraded for various reasons, including a lackluster Season 2, which only saw a single character.
  • The game’s monetization system and the developers’ relationship with modders were also noted to be the primary source of the boycott.
  • The recent delay of Season 3 to the end of next month has further caused backlash to the already struggling game. MultiVersus may recover if more content and better seasons are added.

MultiVersus is a relatively new brawler that showed promise at the time of its release. It garnered a commendable player base at one point during its heydays, but things couldn’t stay consistent on that front, and now it has become a former shell of itself.

The crossover fighting game is currently fighting a lack of players to stay afloat.

After an exceptional start, MultiVersus’ player base kept steadily declining over the course of a few months. It has only dropped in popularity despite the brawler promising an incredible roster of fan-favorite and nostalgic characters.

As revealed by the Steam tracking site, SteamDB, the game’s active player base has stooped below the 1000 players threshold, and it now struggles to cross the four digits on any typical day. At the time of writing, the player count is at 653 brawlers actively duking it out in MultiVersus. The 24-hour peak is also a low 1,250 only.

MultiVersus’ concurrent player count stands at a low 653 figure, struggling to cross over 1000 brawlers.

The disparity between the all-time peak of 153,433 and the 24-hour peak is appalling, noting the game’s life span; it has not even been out for an entire year. Most of the active players have quit the game already. The vast difference in terms of percentage falls over 99%.

Many prominent entries eventually see a decline over the course of years, but MultiVersus has not been available for that long. So, the title’s lifespan is certainly not an excuse for such a low active player base.

In the past, MultiVersus would have at least a few thousand players on a bad day; even the open beta for the game was seeing traffic of about 60k players excited to play the new brawler. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment also announced that over 20 million players initially downloaded the free-to-play game.

Regardless, things took a turn for the worst after a series of bad decisions by its developers Player First Games. MultiVersus featured an enthralling first season, as it brought a slew of characters in just two months, including Gizmo, Rick, Morty, Black Adam, and Stripe. However, its second season has proven to be just that downgraded.

Season 2, which commenced on November 15th, has only seen the release of a single character dubbed Marvin the Martian a few months ago. The players criticized the lack of content for Season 2 and have asked the developers to bring more characters to the roster.

Moreover, its forthcoming Season 3 was reportedly delayed, with its release being pushed from 14th February to 31st March. The reason behind the day was noted to add more time for the remaining players to reach the end of the Season 2 battle pass.

The players have deeply revolted against the delay and some other decisions made by the developers in the past. For instance, the MultiVersus monetization system has also been under fire for locking most character skins behind a hefty paywall.

Another reason MultiVersus players have boycotted the game is the developers’ bad relationship with modders; the modders have received DMCA strikes in the past. Many players quit over the aftermath brought by this choice.

Initially, it was feared and celebrated that Brawlhalla may have a new rival, but that has not proven to be the case so far. The domino effect of adverse events has led to a bleak future for the once-promising entry, and players are only hoping for a new season to revive the lost allure of MultiVersus.

What are your thoughts about the brawler featuring multiple characters from Warner Bros IPs, now only seeing about 1000 users actively play the game? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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