Battlefield V Details Highlight Factions, Cosmetics And Customization

Tides of War Feature Explained

Battlefield V is the upcoming game in the franchise and while DICE has been getting plenty of negative feedback regarding what the developer has shown people so far, that has not stopped the team from revealing new information about the game. Dice’s Ryan McArthur answered a couple of questions that people had.

McArthur revealed that at this time there is not killswitch for cosmetics, meaning that you will not be able to turn these features off. Battlefield V has plenty of options that allow players to customize their characters and if you do not like that, then at least at launch you will have to deal with it. It is possible that DICE will give players the option to turn off cosmetics but that is not the case according to the new information that we have.

McArthur also talked about the role of a company in the game and talked about customization options. When asked what a company is in Battlefield V, the following is what he had to say:

The company is your personal collection of soldiers, vehicles and weapons. Each of these you will be able to progress and customize each of these to fit your personality and play style.

He also talked about how soldiers and factions would work in the game and the following are the highlights that you need to know regarding the matter:

  • You will have 2 factions
  • You can have multiple planes and tanks and duplicates of each. These can be specialized in different ways
  • You can have multiple weapons for each soldier including duplicates, each of these specialized based on the choices you make
  • Each soldier and be customized visually, in face, helmet, face paint, jacket and pants
  • Weapons have 5-7 part slots to add your choice of visual customization
  • Vehicle (planes and tanks) also have multiple visual customization slots

The Battlefield V Tide of War feature was also explained and it is being described as an “evolving journey featuring a new narrative every few months.” This feature will be there as long as it engages players. After that, we might see something new to replace it.

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