Voiceover Actor Claims To Be Working On A New Grand Theft Auto Game

Professional voiceover actor will play the role of a police chief in the upcoming game!

In recent years, we’ve seen many rumours and speculations for the upcoming instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Earlier this month, Rockstar Interactive India was hiring game testers for an upcoming project, which suggested Grand Theft Auto VI in the making. Now, a recent post made by a voiceover actor on Facebook suggests that a new Grand Theft Auto game could be in development by Rockstar Games.

Earlier today, Dave Jackson, a professional voiceover actor that works on cartoon voices and impersonations, posted on his Facebook profile that he would be playing the role of police chief named “Captain McClane” in the “new Grand Theft Auto series”. As he stated in his post, he received the news directly from the producers at Rockstar Games.

“So… I just found out from the producers, that it’s official; I will play the role of police chief CAPTAIN McCLANE in the new Grand Theft Auto series. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I didn’t really have the time for it! Haha! Yep…someday I WILL take a nap! I know it! I JUST KNOW IT!! haha! Seriously, it is a privilege to work with such a professional and fun group of folks. If you are a gamer, stay tuned….,” he says in his post.

Grand Theft Auto
Dave Jackon’s recent post on Facebook. | Source: Facebook

When asked whether the information was under some sort of NDA, he replied, “no it’s actually not. As long as I don’t give out plot points all is good. And it’s such a huge game, I wouldn’t know them anyway. That’s funny though man because I have signed so many NDA’s in the last few years, and I’m part of things I can’t talk about! For example, I’m the voice of a new animated show on Cartoon Network, but that’s all I’m allowed to say! I want to post a clip so bad but I can’t! Frustrating man!”

One person asked if the voiceover actor knew whether the upcoming game was Grand Theft Auto VI or Grand Theft Auto Online. “I haven’t been informed of that yet. They are producing a trailer for it so I HOPE it’s GTA 6. If not, perhaps they’ll keep me in mind for it when it eventually comes out. They seem to really like my voice for some reason so ya never know,” he replied.

Now, we don’t know exactly how much truth there is to this post. For all we know, his claims could just be lies because Grand Theft Auto VI is a highly popular subject among the gaming community, so it would make sense for people to want to cash in on it. However, if this post is authentic, we may be getting the upcoming instalment to the franchise sooner than expected. Fingers crossed!

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The news was first spotted on Facebook, and now seems to be mainstream.

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