Next BioShock Game Allegedly Similar to Deathloop, Might Feature Female Protagonist

It will supposedly be set in Antarctica, and similar to Deathloop in some aspects

BioShock is a beloved series. All three games have received critical acclaim, especially the third iteration in the series, BioShock Infinite. The latter was released back in 2013 and was supplemented by several DLCs including the story expansion Burial At Sea.

Things have been quiet since then. Players worldwide have been pining for the next BioShock game but it has now been 9 years since BioShock Infinite was released. The next BioShock title was announced to be in development in 2019 but we have had no concrete details since then.

However, now we may have some hope. According to a new leaker @oopsleaks who has had noteworthy claims as well in the past, we may get official confirmation and a reveal soon. The supposed leaker has revealed all the information they possess regarding BioShock 4 on Twitter.

The leaker claims they get all types of information regarding the next BioShock but they can not confirm it since they are no longer in contact with their original source, and that none of it should be taken at face value.

@oopsleaks first believed that the game would be revealed at The Game Awards 2021 since it was officially confirmed two years before that in 2019, and this would coincide with Geoff Keighley’s dream of revealing the next BioShock game, but that did not happen. 

The leaker thinks this is because about 40 staff were laid off and there were leads of the game among them. A change of this magnitude would surely have a large effect on the game, hence the announcement too was not made.

It’s been rumored that the game is under active development now as the studio is back on its former staff strength and continues to hire more. The leaker says that according to the Take-Two reports they have, “It should be released no later than the end of 2024.

They also state that they do not know when there will be an announcement but it could be as early as the next PlayStation showcase, further strengthened by the fact that renowned industry insider @Shpeshal_Nick revealed in an episode of the Xbox Era podcast that they believe Take-Two has some sort of deal with PlayStation.

However, seeing as it was Geoff’s dream to reveal the next BioShock game at The Game Awards and that 2022’s TGA is to take place in December, we may have an announcement then too.

The leaker says, “They are not trying to finish it ASAP, the whole chain from the studio itself to 2K and T2 is concerned about the quality of the final product. It’s still Bioshock, with the same concept that doesn’t try to massively reinvent/rethink/reboot the basics of previous games.

If this is to be believed, we can remain hopeful for a good game, albeit one that will not feel different from previous BioShock games.

The care that 2K and Take-Two are giving to the next BioShock title can be inferred from this tweet by the official BioShock Twitter account that says the next game won’t arrive for several years

The leaker then goes on to reveal information regarding the game, the setting, gameplay mechanics, and other information he has, but he divides it into things he has confirmed from his supposed source and things he believes are completely false.

Things he believes to be true are:

  • An open-world game that will be set in Antarctica.
  • The main story will have multiple endings, and the theme of aggregate states of water (solid water, liquid water, water as a gas) will play the main role in the role and plot of the game, which will be fleshed out through side-quests.
  • It will have an art style and graphic design similar to Deathloop and that, “It has 1960’s The British Invasion and counterculture vibes, style is psychedelic and trippy.
  • “Heard about a solid soundtrack and a female protagonist. Still don’t know if Schyman is back.” As so, the game may have a female protagonist, which would be a first for the series, unless you count Elizabeth in Infinite’s Burial at Sea Episode 2. The leaker is unsure whether Garry Schyman will return to compose. Garry Schyman is an award-winning composer who has won several awards for composing video-game scores and was the composer for all previous BioShock titles.
  • The combat system will have much diversity with a focus on the combination of abilities, and the game will have destructible environments which will play a vital role.
  • The game will have some characters that return from previous BioShock games or alternate versions of the characters.
  • The game is much larger than previous BioShock games.

The leaker then goes on to state unconfirmed information that he has received and advises, “take this with enormous grain of salt.” This includes reports such as the narrative being built around refugees including people from Rapture, there being two cities, and much more.

As the leaker states, none of his supposed leaks should be taken at face value, so do not get your hopes up just yet. For the time being, we can only wait.

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