Chris Avellone Thinks Next Fallout Title Won’t Be Called “New Vegas 2”

The new game will require Bethesda Softworks' support, suggests the video game designer and comic book writer.

Post-apocalyptic video games have always sated the visionary desires of players. The Fallout series has dominated the post-war genre throughout the decennia. The title has perfectly caught the what-if post-nuclear war scenario, pivoting most installments into immersive experiences. Nowadays, the classic Fallout titles are regarded as nostalgic remnants of games that many grew up playing. Although the heydays are long gone for Fallout, the franchise experimented with the classic formula, resulting in the underwhelming title, Fallout 76.

Many creative minds went into crafting these ingenious titles; Chris Avellone is one such figure. The video game designer comic book writer worked for Interplay Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment and is best recognized for his work on the Fallout series and Planescape: Torment. Chris Avellone has worked as a video game designer for Fallout 2 and a writer for Fallout: New Vegas. He recently answered many questions that troubled the intellects of Fallout players in his blog.

Among a few other things, Chris Avellone addressed the question regarding the future of the Fallout franchise. When questioned about the future of “New Vegas 2”, he mentioned, “Nothing. Except it probably wouldn’t be called “New Vegas 2″. I do think any such game would require Bethesda’s support, even though Microsoft owns them. I know people assume that Phil Spencer could force Bethesda to do something; that’s not the pattern from the studios that Microsoft has acquired.” It’s interesting to note that Bethesda Softworks‘ support might be required even though it’s under the Microsoft umbrella.

Furthermore, he discussed various critical key points in his blog. He was asked how Bethesda Softworks handled the Fallout series, to which he replied, “If anything, they kept it alive and then added a much deeper layer of open-world exploration than anything we’d been able to do at Interplay.” He continued, “Also, the marketing department at Bethesda had a much stronger push than anything Interplay could have made happen and arguably helped Fallout enter the mainstream more than Interplay ever could have done. There’s a reason you’ll see Fallout shirts at Target, and that alone is a pretty big accomplishment (whether you agree that’s an accomplishment or not).”

Furthermore, he stated that he will update the blog, categorize it, and answer more questions soon. So, it might be worth eyeing after a while. Chris is open to further questioning, which you can ask in the blog’s comment section or on his Twitter account. Despite some recent accusations against Chris, one can’t deny his contribution to the classical Fallout series.

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