Nier 3 Seemingly Teased At A Concert Celebrating The Series In London


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  • Nier 3 was seemingly teased at one of the game’s concerts in London. 
  • Fans speculate that “R3PENT” might just be reflective of the robots malfunctioning during the show.
  • Series producer Yosuke Saito has previously stated that the duo is working on a separate project.

A teaser that seemingly indicates a Nier 3 was shown at the series’ celebratory concert in London. According to ResetEra user SanTheSly, the word Repent was shown several times on the screen at one point during the concert’s story. In the final instance of said show, the term was displayed in a stylized version—R3PENT.

Nier 3 Teaser from ResetEra user SanTheSly
Nier 3 Teaser from ResetEra user SanTheSly

Fans on the forum post have begun speculating about the validity of these rumors. This is mainly due to the antics Yoko Taro is known for along with the peculiar nature of the term’s stylization. One ResetEra user writes, “Repent with a 3 is def a tease I think.” 

Another user notes that the Nier 3 tease might just be a stretch. They talk about how the concerts involved robots that constantly glitched out during the performance/story segments. This malfunctioning was represented by text on a larger screen, leading to the conclusion that R3PENT might just be reflective of the show.

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It’s also worth noting the comments of series producer Yosuke Saito. Speaking to 4Gamer, he stated that during the lifetime of Yoko Taro, the duo will release a new title in the Nier line of games. However, this won’t be soon as they’re working on a separate project with more details to come in 2024. Evidently, a Nier 3 seems to be a ways off at the moment.

Platinum Games Square Enix RPG NieR: Automata
An in-game screenshot from NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata launched on February 23, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After seven years of being out in the field, the game recently managed to reach the 8 million units sold milestone. It’s been widely hailed for popularizing the series given that the prequel was a PlayStation 3 title that hardly got its name around. The latest entry in the series, Replicant, is a remake of the first game.

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