No Bloodborne Update Arriving For A Long Time, Says Insider

FromSoftware has its hands full with the successful Elden Ring.

FromSoftware has always managed to satiate our cravings; the studio has had no stale installment thus far. The alluring team of developers has crafted various souls-like titles, each of which has etched a unique experience within us. Bloodborne is among these highly-popular cherished gems in the dark-toned action-RPG genre.

Bloodborne is known for its traditional approach to souls-like formula and rough difficulty. The Lovecraftian-themed game, released on PS4 in 2015, sold like hotcakes and remains popular today. It’s considered among the best souls-like experiences in the gaming industry for many factors, including replayability and its mesmerizing lore.

Major Takeaway:

  • No update is planned for Bloodborne for an extended period due to FromSoftware being busy with Elden Ring
  • Due to complicated code, the game cannot be handed over to another studio.
  • An update may eventually arrive but after an unexpectedly long time. 

FromSoftware had its hands full with the development of Elden Ring for years, preventing the team from fully concentrating on existing installments. The release of Elden Ring was a stellar success and dominated the sales charts unlike anything before; the title exceeded all expectations.

Elden Ring’s stellar release in February also appears to have kept FromSoftware too busy to focus on other high-demand games. Bloodborne will supposedly receive no updates for a long time, as reported by Jeff Grubb in the latest Xbox Expansion Pass podcast. The developers are treating Elden Ring as a priority to support it fully.

The workload is making it unable for FromSoftware to focus on BloodBorne. Hence, it won’t receive an update for an extensive period. Assigning Bloodborne to another studio is also not an option the team can explore.

Bloodborne’s code is too complicated and halts the possibility of another studio joining in for assistance. FromSoftware would require to oversee the studio for it to be efficient. Moreover, FromSoftware is too occupied with Elden Ring to supervise the production of Bloodborne, as reported by Jeff.

Although, it’s not all dark and gloomy for Bloodborne fans. According to Jeff, the possibility of an update still lingers, but it may take a long span of time for it to materialize. It is advised to keep expectations low just in case an update never arrives. 

Bloodborne was first released on PlayStation 4 and became a global success. The PlayStation exclusive has been heavily-praised for its satisfying gameplay and challenging voyages that await the player.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, is the latest work of FromSoftware, featuring the finest amalgamation of olden souls-like formula with new elements. Elden Ring perfectly metamorphoses the prospect of an open-world souls-like experience.

Elden Ring nicely incorporates a dark-toned world sprinkled with vibrant colors that mesmerize the players. The game leaves the world in players’ hands, and there is no linear path to follow in this innovative experience.

Both games deserve high acclaim for their ideal execution of the souls-like genre in diverse ways. However, a part of the community hails Bloodborne better than Elden Ring altogether. 

What are your thoughts about no Bloodborne update coming out for a long time? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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