Overwatch 2 Might Release Sooner Than Expected

Leaks and speculations are finally starting to add up.

It’s fitting to claim that Overwatch was a stellar success for the fps genre. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, the legacy of Overwatch started back in 2016. This multiplayer team-based first-person shooter took the competitive scene by storm; this title has been a massive hit for esports. Overwatch has always been on the competitive side; it’s no stunner that players are looking for every sign of Overwatch 2‘s beta. 

The community has been hyperactive for the last year, keeping up with every step of developers and leakers. All the leaks and rumors suggest that Overwatch 2 beta is underway, and the development has been expeditious. The recent influential dev update has further cleared the sky.

Overwatch 2 Sighted On Battle.net

The hype has continued to gather momentum ever since the start of 2022. The new Overwatch version is available for Devs only and uploaded to battle.net. According to the Overwatch leakers and speculators, the leaks are lining up to the theorized beta announcement.



Liz Ricardson, a well-known esports journalist, tweeted concerning the Overwatch league. It is the first primary global esports league with city-based teams. According to gaming enthusiasts, Overwatch has one of the most anticipated esports events; it makes sense why this tweet thrilled the community. 

This league by her clarified that Overwatch 2 is relatively close, somewhere in 2022 second quarter. It appears that Blizzard is preparing to release a beta version of Overwatch 2 soon; the Dev version updated from 1.68 to 2.0, further hinting that Blizzard is closer to disclosing the beta. The fans conjectured that the update has to do with testing the game. Another point is that the Overwatch league takes place in April; it’s apparent why developers could be testing out an early build.

Earlier reported that plans to release Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 in 2022 were left hanging. Hence, they achieve their “full potential,” however, according to the statement noted that Overwatch 2 was the main focus for Q2 2022, “getting [Overwatch 2] out as soon as possible was now a high priority.” It’s also worth noting that while an entire release might not anchor the dock this year, a notable beta could still satisfy our cravings.

This has become a hot topic amongst fans on Reddit. Some fans are also concerned about the possible drawbacks of having esports on an early build. One comment states, “OWL starts in April, as it is, they’re super late in putting out a beta. There’s 100% going to be a lot of drama, pros complaining how little time they got to practice and learn OW2. OW2 beta has to come out within the next few weeks, or it’ll just get worse and worse.”

Most fans have shown anticipation for the beta. Overwatch is a go-to FPS for most gamers. Veterans of the game still occasionally return to the title for a quick match or two. Overwatch 2 contends to develop the experience and sense of the world with dynamic environments. Larger scale battles and other in-game storytelling events are crucial elements of OW2. The title also gets a visual upgrade with sounder atmospheric effects and shadows. What do you think of the imminent of Overwatch 2 early access? Let us know in the comments below!

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