Payday 3 Already Has 1 Million Wishlists On Steam Ahead Of Summer Reveal

A teaser trailer for the upcoming game which is scheduled to launch in 2023.

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  • Payday 3 already has over one million wishlists on Steam without even a gameplay trailer.
  • Starbreeze released a small teaser for the game announcing that a full gameplay reveal will happen in Summer.
  • The studio is looking to release the title simultaneously on PC and console and has already prepared post-launch content.
  • 2023 is titled as the year of Payday 3 in the documents and clues will start appearing in Payday 2 regarding the sequel.

According to a new Starbreeze financial report, over one million players have put Payday 3 on their Steam wishlist. Launching a decade after the previous game in the franchise, fans will have to wait till the summer for a full gameplay reveal of the first-person shooter title. Co-developer Starbreeze Studios announced this summer event alongside publisher Prime with a short teaser just recently.

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In the developer’s 2023 Quarter 1 financial report, we got some more info about the upcoming game. Apparently, Payday 3 is looking to launch on PC and console simultaneously with Starbreeze already preparing intensively to achieve this. Furthermore, clues have started appearing in Paysay 2 regarding how the heisters will return in the sequel and the marketing campaign also begins this summer.

Like the 2013 title, Payday 3 is also going to be a cooperative FPS title and will follow the games as a service model. Per the documents, the developer has plans for the DLC content the FPS will get post-launch at regular intervals. Considering how Payday 2 received three DLCs this quarter almost 10 years after its release, the sequel is bound to get tons of content over the years. 

Koch Media has also pledged €50 million for Payday 3’s development and 18 months of additional content. Starbreeze is developing the game in Unreal Engine and the FPS will play the same way on PC and consoles. Even though the sequel is releasing this year, Payday 2 isn’t performing badly either per the documents. It hit a peak of 907,808 players this quarter and the number of members on the game’s portal also increased.

Starbreeze plans to release games in 2025 and 2027 and needs the FPS title’s revenue to develop them. With the game having over one million wishlists even without a gameplay trailer, the signs are looking good. The franchise has credit in the bank with the first two titles in the series so this isn’t a surprise. Both Payday and Payday 2 received positive reviews from critics and have developed a cult following among FPS players.

The first two games in the series have collectively sold over 9 million units worldwide as of November 2014. Payday 2 was such a commercial juggernaut that it recouped developer Overkill’s production cost from pre-orders alone. It was also the studio’s first game to get a boxed launch in addition to an online release. The 2013 title also launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and is still going strong.

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Starbreeze Q1 2023 Financial report

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