Payday 3 Announces That Denuvo Will No Longer Be Part Of The Game

Last-minute change many players love to see.

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  • Payday 3 recently made a rather unusual post, announcing that the game will no longer have Denuvo.
  • Games often use Denuvo to prevent piracy, but it has become notorious for affecting video game performance.
  • This last-minute announcement was received well by the fans, with some saying that they would pre-order the game just because of that.
  • Payday 3 is set to release on September 21, 2023, with Silver/Gold owners being able to play 3 days prior with early access. 

Payday 3 has recently announced that the game will no longer come with Denuvo at launch. With the game scheduled to release in a few days, this has convinced some fans to pre-order the game. Denuvo, the anti-tamper system, has become notorious in the gaming community for its negative impact on video game performance. As such, fans are happy with this announcement.

It has become very common for new games to have Denuvo anti-tamper to protect its content from piracy. Despite the concerns of many fans regarding its impact on performance, Denuvo has tried to convince others that its DRM doesn’t do anything of the sort, and the company isn’t “evil” as it is made out to be. Still, there are many people who, despite being against piracy, do not like Denuvo’s DRM.

Thank you! Denuvo punishes paying customers! If there was a better way to prevent piracy, I’d be all for it, but it causes nothing but trouble!” says ProReborn.

Over a month ago, when Payday 3’s Steam page revealed that the game would have Denuvo DRM, fans did not like that, especially when the game requires a consistent internet connection. The developers could have seen that criticism and decided to remove it altogether, as the recent announcement read, “We want to inform you that Denuvo is no longer in PAYDAY 3.

Players who didn’t pre-order the game before due to Denuvo’s DRM protection have now revealed that this might be enough to make them make the purchase. One Twitter user says, “I’m gonna download this game to my dedicated SSD (for games I wanna keep). Thank you, payday devs.” Another user said, “Didnt plan on buying\playing but will just for that.

Another thing that fans want to see gone is the always-online requirement, but that would be very unlikely, especially this close to the release date. Even so, one of the biggest concerns of fans seems to have settled down with this.

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Payday 3 is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. The third iteration in the main series is set to launch on September 21, 2023, with Silver/Gold owners being able to play 3 days prior thanks to early access. 

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