Pokemon Go: Region exclusive Pokemon available around the world

Pokemon Go has made quite its mark since its release back in 2015. It came out with quite the hype, being received with amazing responses and yet, over a period of time, the hype started to just fade away. Upon this reaction, Nintendo pushed the game, paired with other platforms like its upcoming games on the Switch, in order to get the products rebirth.

Initially, when it came out, Pokemon Go was exclusive to certain regions as were the Pokemon were contained in it. This made the game harder to beat, to “Catch ém All”. Certain rare Pokemon were only found at some landmarks like Rayquayza, which could only be found while playing the game in the vicinity of the Burj Al Khalifa in Dubai. There were many other places throughout the globe too which had other specific Pokemon.

These Pokemon which weren’t that easy to access before will be made very accessible through Pokemon Go’s upcoming major event, Ultra Bonus Event. Starting from tomorrow, the 13th, players will be able to find Pokemon such as Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres at Gyms. Not only this but their even more rare Shiny forms can also be found along with them in those gyms. These Legendary birds will be available and up for “grabs” till the 20th of September. After that, even more rare Pokemon such as Mewtwo can be found right where these birds were. These Pokemon would be available in Raid Battles and will be available till the 23rd of October, making them available for more than an entire month! Other than these Pokemon, region exclusives, such as Farafetch’d, will be available in 7km eggs, to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Mewtwo: one of the many rare pokemon

Sarmad Burki

Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.
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