Quake (1996) Is Reborn With This New Ray Tracing Mod

Time to replay a legendary classic, again.

The PC gaming community is a gift that keeps on giving, encompassing world-class talent with no ending limit to the players’ creativity. Harnessing this very talent once again, a YouTuber going by the name of sultim_t has managed to create a ray tracing mod for the original Quake that was released in 1996. 

Quake is one of the finest first-person shooters to ever come out. It still holds its ground to this date even in a time when there’s just no shortage of fast-paced FPS titles.

We’ve definitely come a long way from when games like the original Quake thrived and were just the bomb, but that’s not reason enough for this YouTuber to avoid working on it.

The Rundown:

  • A talented modder has developed an RTX mod for Quake—a first-person shooter that came out more than 25 years ago. 
  • The mod enables ray tracing for Quake and makes the gameplay more enticing than ever before.
  • Interested individuals can download the relevant files from a GitHub repository and try out the mod on their end effortlessly. 

As per sultim_t’s original intentions, the focus of the YouTube video where they revealed the RTX mod was never meant to be for Quake. Evidently, the modder is working on a ray tracing addition to Half-Life, another dated albeit iconic IP that made rounds across the spectrum at the time of its release. 

Check out the reveal trailer for the Quake ray tracing mod yourself ahead. Titled, “Half-Life: Ray Traced — Delay Trailer?” the showcase features quite a nice set of gameplay sequences highlighting the novel change that ray tracing has implemented in the once-popular title. 

YouTube video

Even more so, the thumbnail of the video pertains to Half-Life, so users would know what they can expect while getting into the video. Instead, sultim_t pulls out a surprise and exhibits ray-traced gameplay of the original Quake, which appears to be nothing but welcome for thousands of people across the globe.

Watching the gameplay reveal from start to finish is no less than pure delight, especially for us millennials who crave modern-day iterations of such classics. The video showcases nicely curated illuminations, shadows, and lighting in areas that were previously non-existent. Quite the overhaul for the classic Quake, to be fair.

Now, sultim_t has been working on a ray-traced version of the original Half-Life, the fan base of which yearns for another iteration in the franchise to this date. The video at hand is actually the YouTuber’s way of announcing that the mod for that has been delayed for now with no proper release window given.

In the meantime though, prospective users can enjoy the diverse offerings of this RTX Quake on PC. To be eligible for trying out the mod though, you will need to have Quake purchased from Steam. In case the game already sits in your catalog of installed apps already, make your way to GitHub to proceed ahead.

The listing page offers complete instructions on how to get the mod up and running on your end, including guidelines for installing DLSS 2.0. As it turns out, Quake feels like a different game at the moment, and all the credit here goes to the genius of sultim_t. 

Do let us know down in the comments section what you think about the RTX mod? In the meantime, excuse us while I fend off to cut down monstrosities from hell with beautiful lighting in Quake. 

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