Quake Champions Reaches Its Highest Peak In Players Since 2018

"Sometimes the world doesn't need a hero, it needs a streamer."

It’s safe to say that the Arena FPS genre has been in a bit of a decline lately in recent memory. Games that have tried to reinvigorate the genre with life over and over again have inevitably fallen off due to various reasons. From lack of support and updates to a meager player base. 

2 days ago, a known voice actor and renowned boomer shooter shill Gianni Matragrano posted a video indirectly asking his viewers to “revive the arena FPS genre.” He further continues inviting the players to all log on to Quake Champions on Friday at 4 PM Eastern. The video itself has garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube and Twitter combined. 

YouTube video

As it so happens, people did log on in droves to play Quake Champions last night. In fact, Steam Charts show that the game experienced its highest peak in player density since December 2018. 

Quake Champions
Based on Steam Charts, the game experienced a huge spike in players on Friday.

Quake Champions was released to a mostly positive reception back in 2017. However, the game didn’t garner a ton of attention until it went free-to-play back in August 2018. However, due to a lack of support from the developers, the player base eventually fizzled out. 

Thanks to the efforts of many in the community only recently, however, the game experienced a much-needed jolt back to life. The game has also received a handful of reviews from players on Steam referencing Gianni’s video. 

Quake Champions Steam
While the arena FPS isn’t making a huge comeback immediately, it’s good to know that passionate fans are going out of their way to keep it alive.

Quake Champions has also been trending on Twitter, with many influential figures in the FPS community, such as Andrew Hulshult, talking about the game. 

Gianni Matragrano is largely known for voicing in many popular FPS games, particularly for many titles by Newblood Interactive. His most recognized role has been of voicing one of the main antagonists in ULTRAKILL, Gabriel. 

While this probably doesn’t ensure the revival of the Arena FPS genre, hopes are high that this sends a message to those involved and makes everyone’s efforts to bring back some life to this genre a worthwhile endeavor! 

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