Riot Games Is Possibly Developing A Third-Person Action RPG With Roguelike Mechanics

The devs are already working on multiple projects.

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  • Riot Games is allegedly working on a third-person action RPG with roguelike mechanics, among other titles.
  • Some other features include multiplayer, seasonal models, and more. No details have been officially confirmed.
  • The info was found in one of the dev’s LinkedIn profiles, which was later changed to have fewer details.

The dev behind League of Legends, Riot Games, has had its hands full recently with a plethora of in-dev projects. However, a new game formerly in R&D may have just been discovered. The Twitter page dedicated to sharing LoL leaks and news, @LeagueOfLeaks, has recently dug up a new action RPG title from the LinkedIn profile of Zoey Wikstrom —a dev at Riot Games. It is seemingly a third-person action RPG with roguelike mechanics.

The unnamed game includes a ton of features that make it sound quite enticing. It is a multiplayer title possibly in development using Unreal Engine 5 that will feature a seasonal model with some roguelike elements. There will be enemy factions, crafting materials, daily quests, and more. It may also get a mobile version, but a console release is unconfirmed.

These details were originally mentioned in the LinkedIn profile of the dev but have since been removed, likely after the tweet went live.

The LinkedIn profile of Zoey Wikstrom has now been changed to include lesser and vague details about the in-dev project.
The LinkedIn profile of Zoey Wikstrom has now been changed to include fewer and vague details about the in-dev project.

Riot Games is currently brewing a bundle of projects behind the scenes, with limited to no public knowledge about them. Project F comes close when the aforementioned game features are compared. However, there are still noticeable differences between the two, like roguelike mechanics and the third-person aspect. So, the leaked details may be for one of the already-known titles.

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It is also unclear if the game has actually gone into the dev phase. The dev’s LinkedIn profile discussed the title when it was in the research and development stage; it may never have started development for all we know currently. The recent layoffs that saw an 11% reduction in staff at Riot Games may also have affected the production of this secret entry. Some projects were scaled down, but none were canceled in the process.

All in all, it is best to trek through this leak with a huge pinch of salt after considering all the factors at play here.

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