Doom 2 Expansion Sigil 2 in Development, John Romero Confirms

Rip and Tear! (in DOS)

John Romero, one of the original people behind games like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM, has recently confirmed during the 3D Realms’ Realms Deep event that Sigil 2 is actually in development. When asked what he was working on at the moment, John Romero mentioned “Sigil 2”. He suggested that the project is very early into development at this point but is going to use DOOM 2 as its base this time instead of DOOM 1. There’s no release date yet but Romero did state that:

I think that it’ll be worth it when it comes out, just because that’s a lot of levels and I want to make sure that they have a really good consistency and progression, and are just really challenging. They’re fun to play, it’s kind of like a Doom 2 version of what you felt on some of those Sigil levels.

The original Sigil that came out back in 2019 was a free expansion/map pack from DOOM and also the first official Expansion Classic DOOM has gotten since “No Rest for The Living” back when DOOM was ported to the XBOX 360. Sigil was widely praised for its challenging difficulty, clever level gimmicks, enjoyable levels, and its awesome OSTs. Many noted how John Romero felt like he was in his element when making Sigil, with enemy placement that felt cruel to the point where some noted that it was just Romero being the troll he’s always been just to spite players.

Sigil was a free expansion for DOOM by industry legend John Romero

Following this John Romero was asked if Quake was next after Sigil 2, to which he responded. “I know that that’s the next thing after Sigil 2, is most likely going to be that,” suggesting that a Quake expansion will also be in development down the line.

There have also been rumors circling around of a new Quake title in development and a new game by MachineGames, the developers of the modern Wolfenstein series, and if any of it is true it’s likely to be shown at this year’s QuakeCon which starts at the 19th of this month.


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