Doom 64 Beta ROM Has Leaked Online

The beta of the nostalgic FPS shooter is reportedly dated 10/12/96.

Update: The leaked image has since been taken down. 

The Doom series has altered the FPS gaming landscape as we know it over the decades, with fans relishing the nostalgic memories by making lovely ports and mods. Doom 64 is also one of the most critically acclaimed classical entries in the series, still boasting a giant number of devotees that seek out its every version and port.

Another prominent trophy has emerged in the wild land of retro ports; Doom 64 beta ROM variant has leaked online for fans to claim. The news of the leak began spreading ablaze in the 4chan forum, revealing the alluring beta ROM version for everyone to see.

Major Rundown

  • Doom 64 Beta ROM port has leaked online, and it dates back to 10/12/96, a year before the released version.
  • The port is seemingly able to run on the original hardware and the 1964 emulator, meaning the beta version can be enjoyed by those wanting a wholly classical experience, even on the newest gaming rigs.
  • A downloadable zip file reveals the PNG showcasing the RIP of all the textures used in the beta build can be seen for everyone interested.
  • The beta maps also feature disparity from the final released version, alongside other minor differences noticed in the leaked port.

The leaked beta ROM is among the oldest retro leaks ever seen. The leaked beta version is older than most of the Doom 64 fans these days, but a hearty ode to the humble beginnings of the classical masterpiece. The leaked beta port is around a year older, dating back to 10/12/96, with the final version arriving the next year. 

It is playable by every Doom 64 fan since the leaked version works on the actual hardware also including the 1964 emulator. It is the perfect time to blow the dust off your slumbering N64 consoles or use the high-end gaming PCs to rip and tear into the pixelated demons. 

The leaked beta version features a different title screen than we are used to seeing in Doom 64. It reveals the “evaluation version” as its official port name. The image of the barren greyed-out title screen can be seen below:

The changes span more than just the title screen, however. Doom 64 beta ROM build also incorporates early versions of maps that would eventually be altered for the final release. The natural in-development rendition of the maps can be enjoyed by everyone curious about the nostalgic experience.

The leak on 4chan features the downloadable files, including the RIP of all the textures in PNG used in the beta version by the developers, which can be downloaded here. Furthermore, the map changes from beta to retail are also pointed out in the following separate downloadable zip file—the page has been removed.

Click here to download—the page has been removed—the beta ROM build and play the nostalgic Doom 64 without issues. Many users have claimed triumph in running the beta ROM build of Doom 64, and people are already traversing the reminiscent primitive hallways riddled with demons. 

Doom 64 beta ROM build is not the only recent retro leak we have seen. Rayman 4’s source code also seemingly surfaced online, showcasing the canceled title’s gameplay. Halo 3 alpha build was also leaked, which revealed alluring features that never made it into the retail release.

The eccentric love for the Doom franchise has led to fans porting its games over all sorts of hardware, including pregnancy tests and ultrasound scanners. It is no surprise that Doom 64 is also still sought after, especially the hard-to-obtain versions like the recent beta ROM variant that is making strides all over the web.

Doom 64’s enhanced visuals over its predecessors and increased immersion gained the game paramount fame globally. The remastered port also garnered a new inpour of players who enjoyed the popular classic through the modern consoles. The beta build is a vigorous reminder of how far the franchise has evolved. 

What are your thoughts about the beta of such a well-renowned classical leaking online amid the fantastic leaks of various retro games recently? Do you think Doom 64 beta ROM ought to be too different than the released version? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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