Doom Now Runs On Another Unusual Gadget – An Ultrasound Scanner

You can now play the iconic game right after getting to know you are becoming a parent. Who doesn't want that?

When we talk about games that truly changed the outlook of gaming, Doom is one game we can’t forget. Released in 1993, the id Software shooter revolutionized FPS titles forever and was a massive commercial and critical success.

The culture around the game has only grown since then making it one of the most significant video games of all time and a cultural phenomenon.

Even though it’s almost been 30 years since Doom’s release, it is still very popular due to fans. One big reason for that is how the Doom fandom has been able to run the game on practically every device on Earth, whether it is a BIOS payload or a pregnancy test.

Now, another device is entering this list as someone was able to run the game on a medical ultrasound scanner.

Major Takeaways

  • You can now play Doom on a portable medical ultrasound scanner. 
  • A YouTuber has now added the device used to scan bladders to a long list of items that the game has been ported to.
  • The game runs smoothly on the scanner, even though it has no sound.

GameRant first reported this breakthrough in the long list of gadgets that run Doom. The person responsible for this marvelous port is YouTuber Buy it Fix it.

He was able to buy a broken-down portable medical ultrasound scanner and fix it to play the game. 

As the name suggests, his channel is popular for bringing in such devices and fixing them up. The first 34 minutes of the video proceed exactly like that as he fixes the machine up. But at the start, he said there was a surprise at the end and that was Doom running on an ultrasound scanner.

YouTube video

First up, the YouTuber gives us some information about the device he is fixing. It’s a Bardscan 2, which as you can tell is a machine used to scan bladders and produce images of the fetus. The host goes on to say he is fixing it up in a way that works for his sheep.

He does exactly that as the scanner is working according to his needs by the end of the video. After that, he pulls out the SSD already present in the machine and puts in something of his own. No surprises, this SSD results in Doom running on the portable medical ultrasound scanner. 

The buy it Fix it channel’s host says that he made this SSD port himself when he put it inside. He doesn’t give us any more info about how it came about and what the specifics are. But, we can see Doom running smoothly on the ultrasound scanner which is all we wanted to see.

Even though there is no sound in this port, you still have to give plaudits for making it run. The gameplay and the graphics are smooth enough for anyone to play the game and enjoy. So, you can enjoy being a parent by playing some Doom right after. 

Doom working on an ultrasound scanner again shows its insane versatility on different devices. Basically, everything that has a chipboard has been able to run the game. If you think about it, something like a thermostat running a video game is crazy. 

However, Doom’s ability to run on esoteric devices with no relation to gaming has become its forte. All the memes around this specific porting culture are just a way to appreciate the game John Romero made. Not only did it change the FPS gaming culture, but it is still relevant now. 

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