NFT DOOM Has You Shooting NFTs With a Camera

You wouldn't screenshot an NFT would you?

Do you dislike NFTs? Are you upset seeing your favorite artists and content creators promoting NFTs? Does it frustrate you when you see gaming publishers openly promoting NFTs on main? Well worry not! For we have the perfect solution for you. This DOOM 2 mod by “Ultraboi” has you running around as the Doomguy with a camera while you screenshot bored chimps to earn money. 

“NFT Doom” is just one of the latest in a long line of crazy DOOM mods. This mod apparently resulted from this infamous twitter video of a dude having a frankly embarrassing meltdown because users on Twitter kept screenshotting his NFTs.

In other news, Ubisoft’s new decision to double down on blockchain has received an overwhelmingly negative response from players all over the world and was also mass disliked on Youtube. 

DOOM continues to be an absolute heaven for modders as people keep modding the most ridiculous stuff into the game. And since NFTs are utterly stupid and that’s really all the mod has going for it, lets instead discuss something more in line with DOOM, because while seeing your favorite franchises get inevitably sucked in by the relentless greed of slimy publishers is heartbreaking. What brings comfort to life is DOOM and its infinite replayability through its thousands of mods. And as someone who grew up playing countless DOOM mods on their uncle’s weak laptop, I’ve played some fantastic ones over the years. 

One of the best ones is also one I played very recently, Its a stunning fan-remake of Castlevania Simon’s Quest within DOOM recreating all the game’s unique enemies as well as its whip-focused combat. There’s also something more official and Vanilla in the form of Sigil by the creator of the original game, John Romero. One of the more “bizarre” mods I’ve tried is also “Dio Doom” which lets you play as Dio Brando from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Series along with all his unique powers and voice lines. Its cool and its hilarious. 

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