Doom Evolution Continues, Now Playable On Twitter

Pregnancy tests, literal potatoes, a microwave, DOOM has been emulated on a lot of weird things, so it comes as no surprise that someone has managed to create a bot that lets you play DOOM on your Twitter feed as well. The Tweet2Doom bot works by shooting in specific inputs in the replies of the bot and then pops out a gameplay video generated from your inputs. It is a very neat, if unconventional way to play a video game. 

There’s also a very handy instructions guide attached in the replies for everyone to see. As is to be expected, the replies are already filled with people attempting it and, as one can also predict, has mostly resulted in pure hilarity, with some players having already completed speed-runs of the first level and setting record times. There is also a very cool interactive roadmap available on GitHub that shows the collective runs of all the players up till now.

Doom on Twtter
The instructions that tell you the specific commands for each action in order to play Doom on Twitter.

It is safe to assume that almost everyone is familiar with DOOM at this point, not only through the form of its newest entries like DOOM 2016 and Eternal, but also through the impact of the very first game on the gaming medium, way back in 1993, a time when DOS was a thing. It is honestly very wholesome seeing how the community still manages to surprise people with their bizarre experiments. It also remains a testament to Doom’s undying legacy. People haven’t stopped porting DOOM to anywhere possible, this wasn’t the first weird DOOM experiment and, it is certainly not going to be the last.

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