Doom 3 Locker Codes – Active March 2023

Learn all active Doom 3 Locker Codes and how to redeem them.

Who doesn’t love free rewards and free goodies? Wouldn’t you like new weapons and inventory items? You can have these just by using Doom 3 locker codes in their respective lockers. Now you don’t have to worry about enemies cause now you will have the necessary weapons to defeat them. Use the codes below to get new weapons and inventory items.

List Of All Active Doom 3 Locker Codes

Apart from Doom 3, there are two DLC (Downloadable Content). Don’t worry all the locker codes, including these two DLC, are also covered below:

  • Last checked 4th March 2023.

Doom 3 Locker Codes

Here is a list of all locations containing code and a map where you need to go and input the codes.  

Mars City

  • Locker (#001) next to the Elevator: Code (396) – Maintenance (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#017) in the Medical Lab: Code (347) – Infirmary (Locker Map)
  • Locker in the Weapons Storage: Code (584) – Combat Preparation (Locker Map)

Mars City Underground

  • Locker (#023) in Energy Stabilization Unit: Code (531) – Energy Stabilization Unit (Locker Map)
  • Locker next to Valve Control Panel (Extinguishes Fire): Code (842) – Energy Processing (Locker Map)  


  • Locker (#013) next to Health Station: Code (586) – Alpha Labs Hallway (Locker Map)
  • Martian Buddy Locker: Code (0508) – North Hallway (Locker Map)

Alpha Labs

  • Locker (#009) in EPD Lab (Sector one): Code (752) – EPD Lab (Locker Map)
  • Damage Locker (#038) (Sector two): Code (409) – MFS Compressor (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#039) at the top of the Ladder (Sector two): Code (102) – Coolant Control Junction (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#047) at the bottom of the Lift (Sector Three): Code (123) – Hazardous Material List (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#048) behind the Locked Door (Sector Three): Code (123) – Coolant Monitoring (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#049) in the Final Room (Sector Three): Code (123) – EFR Staging Room 1B (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#064) on the far side of the Bridge (Sector four): Code (651) – EFR Master Valve (Locker Map)

Enpro Plant

  • Locker (#063) in Theresa’s office: Code (972) – Power Access Core (Locker Map)
  • Locker in Plasma Storage Room: Code (734) – Maintenance 3 (Locker Map)

Communications: Central Communication Tower

  • Locker (#054) in Sentry Bot Control Room: Code (246) – Security Office (Locker Map)

Delta Labs – Level 1

  • Locker (#21D) in Storage Room: Code (298) – Delta Labs Sector 1 (Locker Map)

Recycling – Sector 2: Waste Recycling Center

  • Locker (#003) near Airlock: Code (483) – Monorail Access (Locker Map)

Delta Labs – Level 2A

  • Locker (#112) in Records Office: Code (538) – Records Office (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#902) in Chief M. Abrams Office: Code (931) – Office M. Abrams (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#116) next to Halon Control Panel: Code (972) – Delta Security (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#114) in Operations Server Room: Code (715) – Operations Server Room (Locker Map)

Delta Labs – Level 2B

  • Locker (#103) in Maintenance Corridor: Code (259) – Maintenance Corridor (Locker Map) 
  • Locker (#216) in Specimen Lab: Code (624) – Specimen Research Lab (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#217) in Specimen Lab: Code (624) – Specimen Research Lab (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#213) at the bottom of the Lift: Code (371) – Stasis Transfer Control (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#666) in Analysis Control: Code (372) – Analysis Control (Locker Map)
  • Locker In Storage Area 07: Code (725) – Central Processing (Locker Map)
  • Martian Buddy Locker: Code (0508) – North Hallway (Locker Map)
  • Locker in Final Room with Arch-Vile: Code (463) – Central Processing (Locker Map)

Monorail: Facility Transport

  • Locker (#054) in Security Office: Code (142) – Boarding Platform (Locker Map)  
  • Locker in Monorail Airlock Site 2 Junction 5 Airlock: Code (826) – Site 2 Boarding Platform (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#078) near Turret Gun: Code (364) – Delta Checkpoint Storage (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#079) near Turret Gun: Code (364) – Delta Checkpoint Storage (Locker Map)

Delta Labs – Level 3

  • Locker (#386) near large Teleporter: Code (836) – T1 Access (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#387) near large Teleporter: Code (836) – T1 Access (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#317) near Teleporter Control Panel: Code (841) – Terminal Office Storage (Locker Map) 

Delta Labs – Level 4

  • Locker (#104) in Control Room: Code (579) – Delta 4 Security (Locker Map)

Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center

  • Locker (#452) near Security Checkpoint: Code (571) – Entrance Checkpoint (Locker Map) 
  • CPU Lab A Door Access: Code (627) – Main Entrance Hall (Locker Map)
  • Locker (#669) in Lab A: Code (468) – Lab A Upper Floors (Locker Map) 

Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil Locker Codes

Doom 3: Resurrection of evil was the first DLC (Downloadable Content) released by the developer after the original game Doom 3. It features new lockers and storage combinations with the previous one.

New Codes are Listed below:

Erebus – Level 2: Erebus Dig Site

  • Locker (#029) in Elevation Bay: Code (516)
  • Locked Room next to Locker (#029): Code (516)

Photo Labs – Sector 1: Teleportation 

  • Locker (#042) in Storage Area: Code (714)
  • Martian Buddy Cabinet: Code (634)

Erebus – Level 3: Erebus Labs

  • Locker (#105) in Chemical Storage: Code (769)
  • Sarge’s Double Barrel Shotgun Case: Code (428) 

Photo Labs – Sector 2: Molecular Research

  • Retracting Bridge: Code (281)

Erebus – Level 4: Erebus Control

  • Locker (#407) in Administration Access: Code (937)
  • Locker (#408) in Main Office: Code (937)

Erebus – Level 6: Erebus Station

  • Locker (#034) in Armory: Code (134)
  • Locker (#035) in Armory: Code (134)

Photo Labs – Sector 3: Main Reactor

  • Locker (#009) in Reactor Control: Code (492)

Delta Labs – Unknown

  • Locker (#116) in Specimen Lab: Code (634)
  • Locker (#117) in Specimen Lab: Code (634)

Doom 3: The Lost Mission Locker Codes

Doom 3: The Lost Mission was the second DLC (Downloadable Content) to be released. Furthermore, with this new DLC, new lockers are also introduced.

Here are the Codes for the new Lockers: 

Enpro – Sector 2

  • Double Barrel Shotgun Display Case: Code (731) 

Underground – Part 1 

  • Locker (#054) in First Room: Code (631)

Underground – Part 2

  • Locker (#108) in Second Revenant Room: Code (847)

Exis Labs – Part 1

  • Locker (#104) in Security Office: Code (579)
  • Locker (#965) in Teleporter Security: Code (428)
  • Locker (#071) in Bruiser Room: Code (532) 

Exis Labs – Part 2 

  • Locker (#805) in Central Operations: Code (372)
  • Locker (#806) in Central Operations: Code (372)

How To Redeem These Codes?

Where to Redeem Doom 3 Locker Codes
How To Redeem Doom 3 Locker Codes?

There is nothing difficult on how to redeem these codes. Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to get your reward.

    • Go to the Locker Location.
    • Enter the code that is listed above.
    • Press Enter.
    • Enjoy your goodies.

Why Are My Codes Not Working

There might be a couple of reasons why the code is not working. Incorrect spelling is one of the reasons for the code not working. Before pressing enter, double-check or triple-check the code. We recommend you bookmark this guide and, whenever you are at the locker’s location, copy the code of the respective locker and paste it.

Another possible reason might be that the code might have expired. If you face any expired code, let us know of that code, and we will update it soon.

Where To Get More Codes?

This guide has covered almost all the doom 3 locker codes if you feel like any is missing, let us know in the comments, and we will update it soon. 

What Is Doom 3?

Doom 3 is a first-person shooter game released in 2004 and made by id software. As it is a horror survival game, you need the best weapons to fight against your foes. It is a story-centered game which means you will interact with NPC (non-player characters), and they will provide you with key plot information, objectives, and inventory items.

Secondly, Doom 3’s main objective is to pass all the levels while defeating the enemies along the way. As the level increases, the difficulty of the enemies also increases, which means you need to get all the items in a locker to defeat these enemies.

Moreover, in Doom 3, enemies come in different forms, various abilities, and tactics, so they are divided into two (Demons, Zombies). To defeat these foes, the correct use of the weapon is necessary. So, make sure to check all the lockers with the above codes.

Final Thoughts

It is all regarding the Doom 3 locker codes, and we hope you get all the information you were looking for. Make sure to bookmark our ultimate game codes guide to get updated codes of Doom 3, and also check out our other guides of different games. Let us know in the comments if you like more guides like this.

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