Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Receives New Rating

"Not yet, man. You got to be optimistic though."

Open-world games have long been dominated by the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games. Sleeping Dogs, however, was a great competitor to it. Moreover, it is supposed that Sleeping Dogs might have stood as the best challenger to the Grand Theft Auto series if it received more installments. The game was well-received by critics and players alike and presented innovative refinements in the open-world formula. Unfortunately, the series did not receive its deserved devotion and withered away with the passing decennium. Now, the popular series dwells in the memories of players as a lost potential in the open-world genre.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition brought some much-needed graphical and gameplay improvements, and was an excellent addition to the series. Nevertheless, the community’s appetite has only risen for a sequel or a remaster with the passing years. The title players are still proactive and hopeful for any rays that slip into their darkened expectations. The recent buzz in the community might be the spark it needs to reignite the carving for a remaster/sequel in the fantastic franchise.

The Australian Classification Board recently updated the rating for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. The title is now rated 18+ in Australia. Sleeping Dogs’ PlayStation Store product page retains the actual MA15+ rating for Strong Rough Language, Strong Sexual References, and Strong Violence. Sleeping Dogs now harbors an R18+ rating for “High Impact Violence.” The update to the rating was also seemingly done by the IARC, the International Age Rating Coalition, having expertise in mobile titles and games marketed by digital storefronts.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition recently rated for R18+ by the Australian Classification Board.

The updated rating has raised outlandish ideas like a possible next-generation remaster of Sleeping Dogs or a new sequel entirely. Unfortunately, there is nothing that suggests such a possibility at the moment. The community has been trying to make sense of the random update in the rating. However, the most rational explanation seems that the Australian Classification Board has updated the rating to keep up with modern guidelines. Regardless, this year has been a pretty wild year for gaming already, so dreaming can’t hurt.

The title is wholly backward compatible and can still compete with modern titles. The allure of this title still holds strong within current open-world games. Sleeping Dogs was initially assumed to be a Grand Theft Auto clone set in Hong Kong; regardless, that was proven wrong by the number of innovations it brought to the open-world genre. A re-vamp of this incredible game would be an ample tribute to the original title.

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