PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Says They Will Continue To Make Great Games For The PS4

Confusing statements from Ryan

In an interview with Edge magazine, Sony Developers and Jim Ryan discussed various things related to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Among these things discussed, one important highlight was whether PS4 will still get Sony’s attention, and how are developers going to work with different hardware’s at a time.

Ryan answered the question saying that they will still serve the 100+ million PS4 Playerbase and that it’s the obvious thing to do. He also looked back on the PS3, saying that PS4 will have more extended support.

Edge Interviewer: Obviously you still have a large userbase to cater to on PS4, but some will be concerned that that’s holding developers back from really making the most of the hardware. How do you balance those two things?

Jim Ryan:” We do feel that we have a responsibility to that very large community, and an opportunity to carry on making great PS4 games for as long as the need is there. And I think that is the right thing to do, it’s the rational thing to do, and I think you will see a tail with PS4 that you did not see with PS3. But that said, as time passes, you’re going to see more and more emphasis on PS5 development and the PS5 SKU will be the lead SKU.”

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

It’s pretty understandable because Sony simply cannot pass out on the 100 million player base. However, at the same time, this new statement to Edge Magzine is moderately confusing; last time he told, that releasing upcoming PS5 games on PS4 wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

“We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features.”

While we do lack a bit of clarity from Jim Ryan himself, there’s clear evidence that developers are held back from better games because of older hardware. Not only that, developing a game for two different hardware is a problem on its own.

“It would be a different experience. According to everything Insomniac has told us, this hardware allows them to deliver on this vision. They could not make it [on PlayStation 4]. PlayStation Global Marketing Head Eric Lempel told Geoff Keighley, “If they did it would just be different. You would be playing a different type of game, and the experience would be different.”

“We’ve said many times, with PlayStation 5 it’s a brand new generation, and we believe in generations. So we want to evolve every part of the experience. ”

This isn’t the first time that Sony representatives have contradicted their previous statements. Before the PlayStation 5 launch, Eric Lempel clarified that there would be a prior notification before pre-orders go live. He went on to say that it won’t happen “within minute’s notice.”

To everyone’s surprise, PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders were immediately up after the event without any announcements. Likewise, many players woke up the next day to find it out of stock.

“It’s safe to say, we’ll let you know when preorders will happen. We will let you know. It’s not going to happen within a minute’s notice. We’re going to let you know, at some point, when you can pre-order PS5. Please don’t feel like you have to run out and line up anywhere until you receive official notice on how that’ll work.”

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