Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan has forged quite a steady path and after decennia, Ryan stands as the current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, his legacy is divided into segments worth exploring. Ryan entered Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, initially called Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, in 1994. He was crowned President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe in 2011.

In 2016, Ryan leveled up to be Head of Global Sales & Marketing of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, while maintaining his role as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. He was anointed as Deputy President of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC in 2018 while staying accountable for his former two positions. After a myriad of increments, Jim Ryan superseded John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera as President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment in April 2019.

He answers to the CEO of Sony Corporation, Kenichiro Yoshida. He has already led a bundle of events under his supervision. The PlayStation Subscription service has been revamped and he has also acclaimed that more studio acquisitions are planned. Here you will find everything related to Jim Ryan and his endeavors.