Sony Files a Patent to Incorporate Real-Word Locations Inside Video Games

Blurring the line between fantasy and reality

The PlayStation 5 is a console built for the generation to come. It has been equipped with all sorts of hardware to help it become a revolutionary gaming machine. Bearing in mind the capability of their frontrunner, Sony has filed a patent that sparks curiosity and unmitigated interest.

First spotted by Reddit user thewizrofoz, the patent has been titled, “AI-GENERATED INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS BASED ON EXTERNAL GEOMETRY.” Not a lot can be understood by that statement, so probing a bit further into the patent page, we find that this trademark is going to be the foundation of next-level open-world games developed for the PlayStation 5.

The patent’s abstract reads, “A method is provided, including the following operations: receiving a request to initiate gameplay of a video game, the gameplay being configured to occur in a virtual environment resembling a requested real-world location; responsive to the request, obtaining exterior data associated to the requested real-world location, the exterior data describing external structures of physical objects in the requested real-world location.

Patent Drawing
Patent Drawing

What this could possibly mean is that the PlayStation 5 could host a bevy of futuristic games that render lifelike elements inside their respective worlds. Furthermore, perhaps Sony has something in the works that could blow all of us away potentially. We’ll have to see what’s in store for the future.

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