Kingdom Heart 2’s Sora’s Move Set Is Now Playable In His KH3 Iteration

The base move combo and animation of the protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 2 are now playable in the 3rd game through a brilliant mod.

The gaming and movie industry collab all the time, with adaptations to one medium from another becoming a tradition. Probably the best product such partnerships have brought us is the Kingdom Hearts series from Tetsuya Nomura. A fictional world of Square Enix and Walt Disney characters, the series is one of the most popular role-playing franchises in history.

One main character has led all the 3 mainline entries in the franchises, and his name is Sora. Due to the time between the second and third games, it’s only natural that some people would prefer his look in the previous title. Now, a brilliant new mod allows you to fully play Kingdom Hearts 2’s Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Major Takeaways

  • A new YouTube video shows how a mod allows you to play Kingdom Hearts 3 with Kingdom Hearts 2’s Sora.
  • The move sets, attires, battle quotes, HUD, and much more from KH2 can be put into the sequel through a few mods.
  • It works brilliantly in the video and gives the feeling of nostalgia the players require.

YouTuber TheGamersJoint made a video about this amazing mod. He showcases what it brings to Kindom Hearts 3 and how the animations are ripped from the 2nd game. Although the mod doesn’t include Sora’s game mechanics from the previous game, it has almost everything else.

Komatsuna is responsible for making this mod and releasing it on NexusMods. In addition to this “KH2 Sora Animations” mod, the channel host uses several other mods. These mods make Kingdom Hearts 3 look and feel like the prequel and we will list them as we move on.

YouTube video

First up he tells us about the HUD mod called “KH2 HUD” which BlasterGrim makes on NexusMods. It makes the HUD in offline and party modes just like they did in Kingdom Hearts 2. Another small mod he uses is the “Illustrated Portraits” mod by Dasmantissimo.

This mod uses the Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora art in the HUD, making it even more like the previous game. Moving on, the host tells us about the “KH2 Sora” mod by Richy5 which swaps the Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3, with the one in the 2nd game. We can use his attire, haircut, and other models from the 2005 game throughout the game via this mod.

Sora changes outfits throughout Kingdom Hearts 3 and this mod keeps a touch of the KH2 outfit in the gameplay. However, the star of this video is the animation mod we talked about at the start. It completely changes the gameplay by switching his move set to the one he had in KH2.

Why this mod is so brilliant because it literally plucks the animations from Kingdom Hearts 2 and puts them in the third game. That is no easy task and must have taken a lot of work to complete. It uses custom animations and effects to recreate KH2 Sora in the 2019 game, and it works beautifully.

Komatsuna altered abilities like “Quick Slash“, “Flash Step“, and “Counter Impact” already present in Kingdom Hearts 3 to recreate the animations. In addition to this, he added completely new abilities like “Upper Slash“, “Slapshot“, and “Vicinity Break” to match the KH2 move set. You can see the mod working to perfection in the video and it also looks smooth.

The modder also added the classic Kingdom Hearts 2 “Explosion” combo move to KH3. Other classic moves like the “Sliding Dash” which didn’t return in the sequel, are also present in this mod. A counter ability in KH3 has also been replaced with the “Counter Guard” animation from the previous game.

Multiple Horizontal slashes seen in Kingdom Hearts 2 are now useable in KH3 through this mod. The “Reflect” animation is also present in this mod and Sora performs the barrier spell while doing it. It looks pretty smooth and feels great combined with the aerial guard according to the channel host.

You can see in the video that everything works extremely well and feels like a mod from Square Enix. Komatsuna is also going to update the mod and add animations to it regularly. Hence, we are going to get even more content via this breathtaking mod.

Last but not least, the YouTuber also uses another mod called “KH2 Sora Battle Quotes.Saro on NexuMods is responsible for creating this mod. As the name suggests, it adds Sora’s battle quotes from Kingdom Hearts 2 to the 2019 sequel, adding the extra oomph.

In the end, the Youtuber also tells us we can play in all forms from Kingdom Hearts 2 in this mod. So, if you want to experience Kingdom Hearts 3 with the battle abilities from the 2nd game, you just have to download the mod. Hopefully, it gives the feeling of sweet nostalgia we all crave for.

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