Square Enix Montreal Is Doing A Paid Playtest For Unknown Game

The leak might relate to the unreleased Space Invaders game.

The Square Enix Montreal Studio, which is mainly known for developing puzzle games for mobile devices, has been leaked inviting players for paid Mobile Game Playtest.

According to a post by Redditor u/just4leaks2, Square Enix Montreal invited players to a playtest for one of their mobile games. The Redditor speculates that the paid playtest invitation is for the Space Invaders game, which the Square Enix Montreal Studio teased back in 2021.

The Video Game Studio also offered a $50 Amazon Gift Card as a payment to each of the players for participating in the paid playtest. The studio also specified that the test would take about an hour, and the Studio will use Zoom to communicate with the players during the Playtest.

Square Enix Montreal's Invitation to Players
Square Enix Montreal’s Invitation to Players

When asked how to get an invitation, the Redditor recommended checking out the official site for newsletters and surveys. According to them, surveys and positive feedback increase your chances of getting invited to such playtests.

Despite the leaks, there is no official news of such playtests or anything similar on Square Enix Montreal’s official social media accounts.

It is also worth mentioning that the official YouTube account of the studio recently posted several trailers and videos of the “Hitman Sniper: The Shadows” mobile game, which was released in 2021 after years of inactivity. This might be totally unrelated, or it might also mean they’re preparing for something big in the upcoming days.

For now, there’s no concrete evidence of what game the studio is referring to in the paid playtest invitation, other than the augmented reality adaption of the Space Invaders video game, which was teased back in March 2021.

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