Star Wars: The Old Republic Still Receiving Updates 11 Years Into Release

The new patch brings a handful of fixes.

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  • A new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is launching soon and will fix a few bugs in the game per the patch notes.
  • Probably the biggest upgrade in the patch is that players can now toggle the main map by using the M key bind.
  • Update 7.2.1 is coming out over 11 years after the original launch of the game and will be available to download after server maintenance.

A new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out soon on PC. The patch notes for this future update 7.2.1 have already been released to provide us with an in-depth look at all the changes. BioWare launched the MMORPG in 2011 in collaboration with publisher EA and released it on PC only. This new patch is just another proof of the developer’s commitment to the highly successful game 12 years on.

With that said, only a few changes are coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic via this patch. It will fix an issue that made players teleport to the wrong location after being polymorphed or between mission steps in Manaan Missions – Imperial side. From now on, players can bring up the main map using the M key bind. In addition, it’s also now possible to toggle the overlay map and the minimap by using the ALT+M toggle.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Notes

Last but not least, during Starfighter Mode, M will now be the default key bind to open the map. These are all of the upgrades that will come to Star Wars: The Old Republic through update 7.2.1. It might seem like the number of changes is low, but considering how the game has been out for over 11 years, it’s a fair amount. You can download the patch after the servers go offline to deploy the update.

The reason Star Wars: The Old Republic is still getting updates over a decade after releasing is the game’s success. As of 2019, the MMORPG has made almost a billion dollars in lifetime revenue for EA. Considering how its development budget was only $200 million, this Star Wars game is a major success. It became the fastest-growing MMO of all time three days after launch and garnered positive reviews from fans and critics.

Even though the player count isn’t comparable to the game’s peak, over 4,000 fans still play the game monthly. Hopefully, this Star Wars: The Old Republic fixes the irritating bugs for them.

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