Tales Of Arise Beyond The Dawn Trademark Filed In Europe

The trademark suggests a new sequel, considering how plans of a DLC were shot down in the past.

Tales of Arise is an intriguing JRPG venture that leaves you bedazzled with its fascinating gameplay. The satisfying combat blended with lovely storytelling and loveable characters is a fruitful RPG adventure. The action-adventure anime-Esque game boasts a big community, and players always anticipate future additions to the game. 

The anticipations may soon be coming to an end as the well-renowned IP may see new advancements soon. Tales of Arise fans have a reason to rejoice, as the game may be getting a potential DLC, new ports, an enhanced version, or a completely new sequel altogether.

The news originates from a new trademark that is spreading ablaze in the community.

Major Rundown

  • A trademark has been filed for “Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn” by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Europe. The newly filed trademarks are under examination and not yet approved.
  • The new trademark has caused a lot of enticement in the community since it means a new addition to the IP is on the way.
  • The game could be getting a new DLC, ports, a new version, or the most susceptible sequel.
  • Bandai has confirmed nothing official at the time of writing, and we may not hear anything for a few months until the new “Beyond the Dawn” project further matures.

The brewing rumor sprouts from a new trademark dubbedTales of Arise Beyond the Dawn” filed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Europe. The filed trademark deeply hints towards a potential future project relating to Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn has been trademark by the EUIPO, suggesting a new DLC or a sequel.
Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn has been trademarked by the EUIPO, suggesting a new DLC or a sequel.

The Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn trademark was filed in the European regions on December 12, 2022. It resides in the “9 and 41 Nice Classes” for “Goods and Services,” indicating that it is linked to video and arcade games.

Moreover, the trademark is pending and under examination; it will likely be approved by EUIPO in the coming months. Bandai has not commented on the new filing, and we may not hear anything official for a long time.

Previously, the Producer Yusuke Tomiwaza had cited to EDGE magazine that no direct sequels or a DLC would arrive for Tales of Arise. Instead, the producer was hoping to build a new “cutting-edge flagship title that builds on the success of Arise, while also providing an opportunity to rediscover the history of the series.

The new trademark has been a big surprise, as the producer may have retracted the earlier plans. We would advise everyone not to get their hopes up yet, as there are many paths the franchise could choose moving forward.

The existence of Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn was never revealed before the new trademark earlier today. In other words, we have no additional information besides the pretty-looking title, and we will probably not hear anything more for a while.

It is worth noting the new name could be related to any projects, possibly including a mobile game or an anime. However, it is still a glad tiding for fans knowing a new Tales of Arise project is in the brewer for good, assuring those who’d be asking for more Tales of Arise related media after a year or so. 

What are your thoughts about Tales of Arise possibly getting a new DLC or an entire sequel in the future? Do you think the producer Yusuke Tomiwaza has retracted his earlier words shutting down plans for any sequels or a DLC? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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