Team Ninja Working on A New Action Game

Set in the world of Romance of The Three Kingdoms

According to a recent program by Koei Tecmo called “Shibusawa Kou 40th Anniversary Program Autumn Team” for celebrating the 40th anniversary of General Producer Shibusawa Kou, it appears that Team Ninja and Shibusawa Kou are banding together for a new action game set in the world of the Romance of The Three Kingdom Series. The full program which is in Japanese, can be found here. The announcement can be found at the 2 hour 22 minute mark. 

The Shibusawa Kou 40th Anniversary Program arranged by Koei Tecmo for the 40th anniversary of Shibusawa Kou.

Team Ninja are famously associated with working on many critically acclaimed action franchises like the Souls/Ninja Gaiden inspired Nioh and its sequel, the 2.5D fighting game series Dead or Alive and the previously mentioned brutal hack and slash Ninja Gaiden series. With such an insanely strong track record when it comes to action games, its safe to be excited for whatever this new action game is going to be.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms is a series of turn based strategy games based on the romanticized Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. The storyline takes place during the Han Dynasty in China with many warring factions that included the Shu Han, Cao Wei and Eastern Wu kingdoms.

Team Ninja are also currently working on a spin-off for the Final Fantasy series called Final Fantasy Origins: Strangers of Paradise. Which seems like a spin on Nioh’s combat set in the Final Fantasy universe. The game has been privy to a lot of (admittedly hilarious) memes including one where the main protagonist starts playing Limp Bizkit on his IPhone and walks away. 

Team Ninja are currently most well known for their work on the Koei Tecmo published Nioh series. Nioh is a series of Souls-like/Ninja Gaiden inspired Action RPGs. The series is known for its brutal yet (usually) fair difficulty and its deep, satisfying combat. Team Ninja’s work on the Ninja Gaiden series has also been nothing short of legendary while making one of gaming’s most iconic action protagonists in Ryu Hayabusa. 

The Ninja Gaiden series was also recently released on modern consoles including PS4, XBOX One, PC and the Nintendo Switch with the Master Collection that bundles Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge in one collection. 

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