The Callisto Protocol’s Mediocre Metacritic Reviews Causing Krafton’s Stock To Plummet

The game's mid 70's review score on Metacritic is ostensibly not good enough for investors.

The Callisto Protocol is a third-person horror experience that follows the story of an inmate stuck in a monster-filled prison. The alluring narrative-driven game launched earlier today, and a lot of anticipations were shrouding the Dead Space successor. However, the influx of reviews has not been as optimistic as players expected.

The average reviews have profoundly affected the Metacritic score, which also had unpleasant outcomes for Krafton as a whole. Krafton is a gigantic company representing some of the most massively popular games like PUBG and MISTOVER.

The Callisto Protocol‘s moderate scores have further chipped away at Krafton’s stock, causing a steep decline after an already strenuous trip for the last half a year.

Major Takeaway

  • The Callisto Protocol is the spiritual successor of Dead Space, which was released earlier today on multiple platforms.
  • The gut-wrenching horror experience innovates on a few concepts while also arguably not executing them ideally.
  • The scores on Metacritic are standing in the mid-70s and drop down to “Mostly Negative” on Steam.
  • The low review scores have hurt Krafton’s stock as the scores did not meet investors’ expectations.
  • It has led to a sharp decline in stocks that were already struggling for the last half a year.

The Callisto Protocol review scores are apparently much lower than the investors behind Krafton anticipated. The stock took a big hit in the Korean Exchange today, around the time when The Callisto Protocol launched. The title’s reviews went online an hour and a half earlier than the closing of the stocks in Seoul.

Krafton Stocks were updated at 2:00 PM, where the steep decline began, damaging the striving stocks further.

The stocks for Krafton closed down at 8.41%, at its most inferior pricing since November 11. Dr. Serkan Toto, the CEO of Japan-based games industry consultancy Kantan Games, articulated that the score has failed to reach the threshold of Krafton investors because of the low reviews on Metacritic.

TCP’s metacritic score is in the mid 70s, apparently too low for Krafton investors who were hoping the IP could become a new pillar for the PUBG company.

The stocks started receding after 2:00 PM, around the period when the game was released. It is worth mentioning that Krafton’s stocks were already struggling for the past half a year.

The Callisto Protocol’s bad reviews appear to be a catalyst for such a sharp decline in stocks. No other events that happened concurrently with the closing could have caused such a recession.

The investors were hoping for better scores for the next-gen horror title, but it has struggled to reach the mid-70s review score on Metacritic. The situation is worse on the Steam storefront, where the score seems uninviting for new players. The Callisto Protocol currently has a “Mostly Negative” review on the Steam store.

The game features a haunting, gut-wrenching setting filled with esthetic movie-esque lighting and gory monsters. However, the forlorn and ruthless survival horror also incorporates some innovative aspects, like its combat and unique player movement, which is seemingly not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Callisto Protocol is riddled with performance and gameplay issues on PC, such as stuttering, bad optimization, intense frame drops during gameplay and cutscenes, and the sort.

Even the high-end GPUs are toiling to run the game with constant stuttering. The PlayStation 5 version also has its fair share of problems that lead players to choose bad scores.

Moreover, the combat is brutal to get used to, and the player movement also feels heavy that is not liked by everyone. The game’s difficulty appears to spike randomly around the second half of the game, with the deadly hordes of mutated monsters that could haunt you in your dreams.

What are your thoughts about The Callisto Protocol’s unorthodox take on combat and player movements? Do you think the average reviews for the game are not good enough? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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