The Callisto Protocol’s First PC Patch Tackles Stuttering Issues, Improving Performance

More updates appear to be planned to further tinker with the lingering optimization issues.

The Callisto Protocol was the highly-awaited spiritual successor of Dead Space that was released yesterday, and things have been perilous, to say the least. The title was riddled with a bundle of stuttering and optimization issues upon release for all platforms, especially PC, and it has affected the game’s rating and Krafton’s stocks.

The developers have taken notice of the ensuing chaos, making announcements on the official Twitter handle. The Striking Distance Studios tweeted the glad tidings of a PC update that tinkers with the most contentious crises. Moreover, the developers also hint towards more updates for the future.

The first PC patch was made available for the game, addressing issues like constant stuttering and other game-breaking bugs. The team has not commented on any planned updates for consoles thus far.

Major Takeaway

  • The Callisto Protocol was released recently, and it is full of performance and bad optimization bugs, such as constant stuttering and frame rate drops. The issues are prevalent on all platforms, but PC is the most affected.
  • The developers at the Striking Distance Studios have already taken action by issuing the first update for PC.
  • The patch resolves the gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilations, improving playability for the consumers.
  • The patch has soothed major stuttering, but most players are still reporting performance and bad optimization problems. The developers have ensured that more updates are on the way, and they may mend the remaining performance issues.

Earlier today, the developers elaborated on the PC patch in the Twitter announcement. The patch fixes “gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation.

The Callisto Protocol starts compiling shaders in the background as soon as the game is launched. As a result, cut scenes and gameplay were quite choppy and did not feel immersive at all. The shader compilation was likely causing stress on the game behind the scenes, which led to awful stuttering. The patch has resolved the nuisance.

In other words, the gameplay should be much smoother, but The Callisto Protocol has a long way to go before it feels like a buttery experience. The patch makes the game smoother and more enjoyable, but it does not calm all the performance and optimization issues felt by the community. Regardless, it is a step in the right direction.

The other reported issues are still plaguing The Callisto Protocol, draining the fun out of the gut-wrentching horror experience. Unfortunately, even the stuttering is apparently still there for some users despite using high-end PC setups. Many players are reporting the post-update experiences in the comments of the tweet. 

One user, Leunis, noted, “sorry guys but the patch didn’t change much for the stuttering on PC. Seemed a little better and then got much worse as I progressed. Haven’t even gone far as the stuttering just ruins the experience (3080 here and barely on medium settings).

The first PC patch has alleviated the troubles for most players, but the performance issues still stalk the hallways of The Callisto Protocol. However, the developers confirmed in another tweet that more updates are planned for the future. The team revealed no further particulars.

The Callisto Protocol has had a troubled launch due to performance and optimization issues, making it nearly unplayable for most players. The reviews also took a hit, with Metacritic scores falling in the mid-70s threshold. The Steam rating has improved from “Mostly Negative” to “Mixed” at the time of jotting down the article.

Krafton’s stocks also experienced a sharp decline because of the mediocre reviews, with the investors not being impressed with how The Callisto Protocol performed upon its anticipated release. All in all, the stream of updates will continue to enhance the otherwise gorgeous story-driven third-person horror experience. 

What are your thoughts about the developers finally addressing the performance and optimization issues afflicting The Callisto Protocol? Do you feel that a delay may have been a better choice considering the backlash that ensued because of the low review scores? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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