The Sealed Ampoule Coming To Consoles Soon

A unique dungeon roguelike experience is currently on Steam.

Publisher Playism and developers CAVYHOUSE, creators of Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden and The Midnight Sanctuary, released a unique roguelike dungeon explorer title called “The Sealed Ampoule” on March 4, 2021. It is planned to come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on February 3. Pre-orders are available now via Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop.

The Sealed Ampoule is a dungeon agriculturalization roguelike clicker game. Boasting a positive rating and a small fan base, it became known for its unique roguelike genre. It is addicting by nature and uses a distinctive yet straightforward approach to dungeon exploring; you can level up your character as well as the dungeon itself. It blends the elements of dungeon exploring and clicker-style gameplay.

The game system is relatively straightforward: Survey the dungeon > Collect items > Go back home and handle various “preparations”> Explore the dungeon some more. Each dungeon provides a unique experience. Upgrade the dungeon further as you progress or acquire new skills for Irene, the Protagonist. 

To celebrate the release of The Sealed Ampoule on console, CAVYHOUSE‘s previous title, Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden, will be free for iOS and Android for a limited time.

Here is an overview of The Sealed Ampoule by Playism:

The Sealed Ampoule was created to match the original concept of a “procedurally generated dungeon farming clicker.”

From the world of the CAYHOUSE’s previous production, a “harvesting organs from trees clicker game” Forget Me Not: My Organic GardenThe Sealed Ampoule takes place 10 years before, where you now play as the master alchemist from Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden.

It is rare to find high-quality voice acting in indie games. But for this title, the protagonist is voiced by Shizuka Ito, who is famous for the voice acting role of Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Continuing further, Playism beautifully described the story of the protagonist:

One day, Irene, a new alchemist, found a cheap used dungeon at the alchemist’s mail-order store, Mercuri. Irene wanted to move past the grief of losing her mother and decided to make a store of her own. In order to earn enough money to open the store, she decided to buy the dungeon to harvest resources.

But cheap property tends to be full of surprises… When she dove into the dungeon to collect items for alchemy, she found that wild enemies were everywhere.

Irene has no choice but to go deeper into the dungeon while getting rid of the enemies, but there, she finds a pair of doll-like twins and the corpse of a strange man.

The twins were waiting for her. The “Accidental Dungeon Murder Case” begins…

Distinctive Features of The Sealed Ampoule

  • Battle System – It is a roguelike that involves strategy and critical thinking, featuring turn-based click-movement mechanics. Irene can move in eight different directions. Whenever she moves, the enemies can move once as well. Positioning is vital to minimize damage taken.
  • Hundreds Of Skills To Be Mastered – Various skills such as Attack, Heal, Enchant, Item Management, and the list goes on. Players can utilize these skills to develop unique playstyles and experiences. Gaining these skills requires an amount of agriculturalization (or farming) of dungeons.
  • “Agriculturalize” the Dungeon Floors to Farm Them – Dungeons consist of two levels, a “farm level” that increases the number of items you can get and a “magic level” that increases the number of Magic spaces in the level. Level up dungeons by collecting the required number of items available in the dungeon. Once you have reached the maximum level, you can “farm” the area. The “farmed” floors are not only full of items but also free of enemies, making it a paradise that is convenient for the player to farm wanted resources.

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The start of this year has seen the emergence of various Japanese or Asian games released on consoles. We would love to know your thoughts on this matter in the comments below. 

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