Canceled TimeSplitters Reboot Concept Art Leaks Online As Fans Mourn Its Death

It could've been something great.

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  • Images of various Canceled TimeSplitters reboot concept art and 3D character models have leaked online.
  • The fans of the franchise have lauded the concept arts and looked back at what the title could have been.
  • The reboot was announced to be canned due to studio closure, causing many fans sadness.

The TimeSplitters reboot project was meant to revitalize the highly renowned franchise out of the deep coma. The original studio responsible for the first trilogy earlier joined forces to heed the waves of fan requests for a reboot. However, the recent announcement of studio closure has shaken the excited fans completely. Amid the mourning, the concept art and 3D character models of the canned title have leaked online.

Various 3D models and concept art were uploaded on the Free Radical Wiki site by fans to pay homage to the lifeless entry. They were first published on the ArtStation site by the various artists who were involved in attempts to keep the remains and ambitions of the game. The TimeSplitters assets on the wiki site now have amassed weapons, character arts, locations, NPCs, and other items often used in in-game map designing. 

These assets lay out a bunch of pretty landscapes for TimeSplitters and show the dormant potential of the project. The 3D models of characters and the art surrounding them have also been praised by the community all over.

Many fans have taken to forums and Twitter to express their sadness for its termination as a result of the wasted potential. A few others are melancholic about the survival of these assets for the sake of preservation. All in all, the environment in the community is one of doom and gloom due to such a potential by Free Radical fading away into obscurity.

One of the environment arts showcasing the visual fidelity of TimeSplitters.
One of the environment arts showcasing the visual fidelity of TimeSplitters.

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The FPS TimeSplitters had a successful trilogy, and Free Radical wanted to bring it back in the form of a reboot. The initiative was started two years ago with great support from fans and devs alike. However, Embracer Group has been laying off studios and projects all over because it is facing difficult times. It did not take long for Free Radical to get caught in this mess.

As a result, Embracer announced the closure of the studio along with the franchise it was trying to revive in the process. Now, the future of TimeSplitters remains unclear, but the current forecast suggests that it will likely stay dormant for the coming years —if not forever— as Embracer Group stabilizes after restructuring. The publisher has also laid off a bunch of other prominent studios and projects as a grim consequence of its new strategy.

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