Movie Inspired War Of The Worlds Game Looks Terrifyingly Awesome

The game features eerie and long tentacle tripod aliens.

The feeling of helplessness and dread portrayed in The War of the Worlds movie perfectly displays the horrors of the otherworldly beings; long tentacle monsters invading helpless humans. Now, imagine this concept fully integrated into an amazing indie horror game.

The “War of the Worlds” game adapts that concept and metamorphoses it into a breathtaking horror game experience with spine-chilling sound design. The Tripods have invaded the planet, and the protagonist is thrown into the middle of the extermination of mankind.

The long tentacled monsters roam the plains as the military tries to fight them off unsuccessfully. The player has to survive the uncanny beings in the War of the Worlds and the unforgiving environment in a highly detailed open-world experience.

Take refuge in a darkened neighborhood while the military tries to halt the advance of Tripods or challenge them yourself. The War of the Worlds features distant screams and cries of the damned, realistic weather effects mixed with haunting alarms, and large Tripods fighting back the failing military, to name a few.

Survive and explore for food and essentials, and witness the tripods fling away vehicles and destroying everything with lasers. The aliens are not the only enemies in the War of the Worlds; the protagonist also has to deal with hostile survivors. Survive long enough to find a way to bring down the beastly monstrosities.

Moreover, the game features both multiplayer and singleplayer. You can pick sides in multiplayer as aliens; your job is to exterminate the good ol’ humanity, harvest their blood, and fertilize the earth. As humans, you must outlive the aliens and be the last one standing. The developers have released a new 20-minute gameplay video, which also brings development updates.

YouTube video

Many new features have been implemented in the latest development progress video. Some new features that add-on to the creepy Tripods include, “Improvements to the machines include new forcefield effects, completely reworked and redesigned tentacles that sway with the tripod, can pick up and toss vehicles, work more reliably, and look and run smoother.” 

The environment has also improved since the last update, “Volumetric fog and lighting have been improved to obscure the distance for the mystery of what lies ahead and to unload unnecessary objects and areas for performance optimization.

The military AI is enhanced to make the War of the Worlds a mesmeric experience. The description reads regarding the AI, “Military AI has been added that engage the tripods whenever they approach, they will also pursue and do their best to delay the advance of the machines. The military die out as the days pass, so their presence is more felt in the first 2 days.

The game immersion has drastically increased due to the addition of a dynamic weather system. The update adds, “New dynamic weather including rain, storms, snow, and more. The weather particles are collision based and won’t clip through buildings. The weather SFX is audio occluded to sound muffled when inside and louder outside.

Furthermore, distant lightning storms also spawn more aliens, like in the movie, “Distant lightning storms can be seen which are delivering more aliens. Distant off-map battles can be heard and seen.” The War of the Worlds is in early access, but no concrete release date has been announced as of now.

The game can be wishlisted on Steam, and developers, FlipSwitch Games, can be supported on Patreon. What are your thoughts regarding this amazing horror game? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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