XboxEra Co-Founder Says a New WipEout Game Is Under Development

Spearheaded by the creators of Destruction AllStars

The WipEout series was a big hit back in the days of the OG PlayStation consoles. The franchise features fast-paced racing with futuristic vehicles that don the shape of ships in an anti-gravity environment. One of the hallmarks of the WipEout games is how the gameplay involves Electronic Dance Music (EDM) songs, among other notable features.

The last WipEout game to hit the shelves is WipEout Omega Collection that includes a remastered version of WipEout HD and WipEout 2048. Both of these games respectively the previous two titles in the series. The release of WipEout Omega Collection marked the franchise’s revival after the developer Studio Liverpool got shut down sometime in August 2012. WipEout 2048, therefore, was the last iteration in the franchise before Omega Collection dropped. 

Since then, word has been quite empty regarding the development of a new WipEout title, but it appears that the latest in the leaks suggests otherwise. Nick Baker is the co-founder of Xbox Era and a notable industry insider who happened to leak the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island expansion correctly ahead of its release. 

Now, Nick has taken to Twitter for what seems like an act of nerve, judging by the words he has written. Take a look at this tweet below. He says, “You know what? Screw it. I’ll risk pissing someone off. Don’t wanna get scooped again. Been told Wipeout is coming back. Planned to be a VR2/PS5 title. Most likely an XDEV project. Still early in the project.

Nick on Twitter
Nick on Twitter

It seems that the WipEout series is due for a comeback, and this time, it’ll make landfall on either the PlayStation 5 or the upcoming and much-touted PlayStation VR2. Both of these are more than capable platforms for a next-gen WipEout game, especially the latter as we’ve been hearing a lot lately about Sony’s forthcoming virtual headset.

However, it’s worth noting that Nick believes the project is still early into development, so a formal announcement or something along those lines is far off as of yet. What’s more, is that Lucid Games is the developer of the next WipEout game. Nick stated that while replying to an eager fan. 

Lucid Games to be the Developing Head
Lucid Games to be the Developing Head

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